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My twitter is @HeyMahFriendz
My tumblr is omgthatsmyonedirection

My name is Ashley and I am eleven years old. I have brown/green eyes(they change with my mood) and red/brown hair, and I may or may not be bisexual.

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    mumbled "One Direction One Shots >.< UPDATE NEEDED"

    I'm so sorry that I couldn't update and haven't in so long! I've been a bit, er, 'attached' to my Tumblr lately. I'm so sorry. My depression has gotten worse and I'm on vacation away from my parents and with two of the people I hate most, so it's been hard. TO MAKE IT UP TO YOU, what ship would you like me to do next? =D
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    Please update :)
    Your obedient pet (a (to be) MATURE 1D fanfic) Larry.
    Your obedient pet...
    This is just a taste of a follow up to my previous 1D fanfic (there can only be carrot). This is gonna be nastier than the last, considering that it will contain GAY SEX and S&M later. If you're not into...
    5 years ago
    I know! My exams are just next week, sorry! But I'll try this weekend - it'll probably be merged with my other story when it's done though :)
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    I don't know if I can comment if I want to be in the book, so I will anyways.
    I want to be Harry's wife :)
    My name is Cassidy.
    I am 18.
    I have caramel colored eyes.
    My hair is a vibrant red.
    And it would be a good idea if you added rumours about his 'womanizer' title, and saying he would cheat on me(but obv doesn't or I wouldn't be his wife!)
    Is This Real of Fake?
    Is This Real of...
    Hi. I'm Loren Tate. I'm currently 19 years old and I'm living with my best friend Linsey Affholter. I moved out of my U.S. home and went to live in Doncaster with Linsey. My ex killed my family after I...
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    I wanna be a tribute! :) Hope you like my charecter.
    Name: Ashley Prater
    Age/HOYLTB: 20
    How I Want To Die If I Do Die: Shot down from a tall tree(But I hope I don't die in the first place)
    The 1D games
    The 1D games
    First of all the cover is the same as another book by stabadaisy,Luckykat1 and goldendaisys12 but I am one of these people and this is just a better version of our orginal 1d Games. Its 2013 and One Direction...
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    Ihascupquake and ShaneDawson :)
    The YouTube Games
    The YouTube Games
    Once a year comes an event that decides who is truly the greatest YouTuber. This event has been dubbed as "The YouTube Games". Each contender must undergo different trials to emerge victorious against...
    No Longer Available
    Ahhh ;) I love Shane and Ihascupquake too ;) if i get any more voters for them, ill add them in <3
    No Longer Available
    I need more readers!! HALP HALP ME
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