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    Title: Tangled
    Author: lolclifford
    Blurb: Kylie Moore is just a good girl, she does good in school, probably going to Harvard, daddy's favorite and never breaks the rule. Michael Clifford is in the band 5SOS, Luke Hemmings and Kylie Moore are the bestest friends. One day Luke decides to surprise Kylie after not seeing her for 3 years, Kylie never expected to fall in love with her best friend's best friend.
    Ideas: Kylie will be played by Emma Watson, while Michael Clifford is Michael Clifford. I was hoping that it will be black and white and a splash of color or something like that, I don't mind anything really.
    Thanks babe x
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    Quote: I never thought I'd fall in love in a month, and never expected him to be my best friend's best friend.
    Fandom: 5 Seconds of Summer
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