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Hi I'm Lola Macy Isabel, I love my Kitty~Cat, drama&art. I adore to write&read. Writting&being dramatic is the key aspect of my life. I seriously don't know what I'd do without books!! Also, Shoutout to B. Harrison, she's an amazing writter and extreamly imaginative! Shoutout to my bestie and amazing talented writter who's new to movellas, Evie Summer. I love clouds, heehee <3 xx

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    mumbled "Summer for Charlotte Jenkins"

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    I really want to apologise for the now deleted chapter of summer for charlotte jenkins, it was a dare to post it, I'm sorry for the .... weird, wrong ness of it all. I'm not going to do any dares involving Movellas agian. Sorry if you read it, and yeah I'm sorry <3
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    Every one knows. Everyone at school knows my case. Everyone trys to trigger me, and when I'm startled by it they snigger and tease. I sometimes wonder why I even go in. The teachers are full of time wasting...
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    This is great, I love how you showed her annoyance :) Love it
    I Don't Like Pink
    I Don't Like Pink
    I've known him all my life, and he tries to cheer me up with a bunch of balloons in my least favourite colour? Nice try.
    5 years ago
    thanks very much! :)
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    It's really good, i love how you described them :)
    The Unsaid Words Between Untold Truths
    The Unsaid Words...
    For the current spring picture prompt competition. It was said that it had to be a micro-fiction (no more than a thousand words) and this definitely fits into that, just over 400 words. Its not my usual...
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    Amazing!! woohoo... xxx
    Blood-Spattered Petals
    My entry for the 'Two Weeks in Panem' competition. My entry is based on the scene in the first book where Katniss says goodbye to Rue, by covering her in flowers. Please leave feedback and like and favourite...
    Queen of The Dragon-Owls
    Aw thank you Lolly :)
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