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Hello! My name is Bec, I'm 17 years old and from the land down under.

~ Fun Facts:

+ My favorite colour is blue.
+ My favorite number is eight.
+ I love Harry Potter.
+ I love One Direction.
+ My head is in the clouds. The word for this is "luftmensch".
+ I started writing when I was 14, and ideas haven't left me alone since.
+ Most of my inspiration comes from lyrics, and it happens every day.
+ I'm an undying romantic.
+ I love chocolate. But then again... who doesn't?
+ All I want to do is travel the world. Aussies be so....unintelligent.
+ There's a strange place in my heart for fairy lights and candles.
+ I love looking at other people's handwriting.
+ Notebooks are one of my fetishes.
+ I speak in accents all the time.
+ I actually laugh at everything, because that's the type of person I am.
+ I love small birds in print.
+ Music is my savior. I do not play an instrument or sing, and that makes me appreciate it so much more.
+ I enjoy reading things with shocking twists that I can believe would actually happen.
+ One day, no matter what I pursue in life, I'd like to publish my very own book.

Thank you to those who read my stories, the support means everything- it encourages me and makes it all worthwhile. You can follow me on Twitter @lol_95author where I will hopefully be able to be a lot more interactive with my readers and fellow authors! :) X

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