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    Wat happened to Niall in the end did he die
    Me the bitch
    Me the bitch
    I was jealous, I was so annoyed and I wanted everything she had. My sister was always better than me and she always got the best from life. I had to content myself with the small stuff and I soon realized...
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    Plz updatteeeee
    Don't wanna waste the night
    Don't wanna waste...
    Some people say it's impossible to love at first sight.....but that's not what happened to Chloe Plink and Michael Clifford.....Michael had just moved in next door to Chloe and her family took Michaels...
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    I cried my eyes out why did you have to kill Emma I loved this book a lot
    2. Holding You Tight
    2. Holding You Tig...
    BOOK 2 OF THE LOST IN YOUR EYES SERIES. ****GO READ LOST IN YOUR EYES IF YOU HAVENT ALREADY, THE WHOLE BOOK TIES INTO THIS ONE.****** One thing I have learned through all that has happened is, people...
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    Some reason my phone crashed nd wen I came back on this app the book was on the edge of finishing I need it to go back to the start and how do I do that can someone tell me ASAP plzz
    Untold Secrets (Luke Hemmings)
    Untold Secrets (Lu...
    "There's something about him that doesn't add up." Arabelle Miller is not like any other girl in Cypress bay high school. She doesn't want to be popular, or perfect and she especially does not want...
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    U need to update ASAP this too good come plz
    Flipped Upside Down---A Five Seconds Of Summer FanFic---
    Flipped Upside Dow...
    Ali Irwin, sister of Ashton Irwin, the High School rock god. She's forced to spend months in the same house with FOUR boys! Rebellious teenagers, NO adult supervision...What could POSSIBLY go wrong?! Well,...
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