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Why I write: Because kidnapping people and forcing them to role play your interesting make believe worlds is technically illegal :D

The Words Of A Bookaholic

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    I like reading paranormal stuff but because there's so much of it it's hard to find the good ones but this is fantastic. Just read through to get rid of the couple of typos but other than that, really well done you should be proud of this.
    Unfinished Beginnings
    Unfinished Beginni...
    A tale of Sasha The price for offending an older vampire is high-- Blood is paid for by blood. Being newly made destines Sasha for chaos when her ignorance offends an older vampire and provokes...
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    Aaawwwhhh. :D Thank you. Thats super sweet of you. On the typos n stuff i hope to find an editor. But thanks again i appericate the time you've spent to read my work.
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    So far I have read the first chapter and I really have enjoyed it. Delilah is a very relatable character for young actresses trying to make it big. My only cc is 'since a young age' on the second line might sound better as 'At a young age' other than that really good :D
    Love on Broadway
    Love on Broadway
    Love on Broadway is the tale of Delilah Young, a 21 year old musical theater actress/singer. Delilah originally started out in the West End, but it didn't work out so she decided that Broadway would...
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