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  • Lohanthony<3

    mumbled "Mo; my love. "

    Aahhhhhhhhh. OMG. OMG. IM SO AASDFGHJKL; god. I'm inlove..I swear. I can't stop thinking about him..but the downside..he likes my bestfriend.
  • Lohanthony<3

    mumbled "Taylor Swift"

    NOOOOO. You country loving hill billy. I hate you. Yenno? Like Harry? R E A L LY? Bitch..I swear. Harry is with Louis. LARRY. Your ruining everything. Honestly Harry is just using you to cover up his gayness for Louis. STILL..I like your songs. But I don't like you. Nuff' said.
  • Lohanthony<3

    mumbled "Selena Gomez"

    -dead.- I just typed her name. Ugh. I hate her. Niall now? Reeally bitch. REEALLLY?
    Unff' stupid bitch. NIALL IS IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD. Now walk away before I suffocate you with your nasty ass extension. Please? And thank uh.
  • Lohanthony<3

    mumbled "Linda"

    My bestfriend. Honestly I'm sorry for her. She doesn't have a normal bestfriend. I honestly don't care about her..but yet I do. I don't care if I hurt her with my words, but yet with her every single, second of the day. And it's funny cause she was my first kiss. And if you guys are wondering..yes we're both girls. But I'm not lesbian. For her or anyone. I have such a fucked up life.
  • Lohanthony<3

    mumbled "Justin BIEBER "

    It's crazy. I'm inlove with a guy that doesn't know I exist. They tell me there's no way that I could meet him. But I'm ok with that, cause I'm ok with the fact that I can listen to him. I'm content with the fact that the guy I'm inlove won't probably ever see me. But ill stay by his side, I won't love another, band, singer, or anyone else more then him. He's my life. My inspiration. And yet...I can't even get him to follow me. It's quite sad if you ask me.
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