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Hello Everyone!
Here's some facts about me!

-I love writing and swimming
-I love roller skating
-I hate pop/soda and brownies
-I love the color seafoam
-My favorite singers/bands are: One Direction, The Vamps, Ed Sheeren, Twenty One Pilots, and 5SOS
-I love singing and I'm in the choir
-I play guitar and piano
-I live in the USA
-My favorite season is Fall/Autumn
-My favorite subject is English
-My least favorite is Science
-I also love volleyball and basketball
-I am Italian, French, and French Canadian
-I have one brother, a step sister, a step brother, and a half sister
-My parents are divorced
-I have been bullied before (it get's better)!
-That's all you need to know 'bout me!

My account on Quotev (another writing system) is heyyyyylia
My account on Wattpad is GroovyGirl04

  • lkristine210

    mumbled "Been a While :("

    Where have you been, you may ask? Busy. School's almost out and then I'm taking a two week trip, so this summer won't be as successful as it should be. :( I have been busy with school, currently fighting some kind of virus, and just won a spelling bee that I studied for three weeks. Life's been rough. I wish I could be more dedicated to this website like I was before. I updated 'Go Away' today if you want to read it. Tell me if I still got this writing thing in me! Thanks for understanding and being such great supporters. All the love, Leah. xx <3
  • lkristine210
    Sorry I haven't updated in awhile, I've had a lot on my mind recently and didn't have any interest in writing. I guess I had writers block. I'll try to keep up my updates, but commenting 'update' on my stories really aren't helping. It is very annoying when it notifies you when you get a comment then realize it says 'update' not anything supportive. I'll try updating soon! All the love, Leah! Xx
  • lkristine210
    So, I broke my finger and I'm trying my hardest to update 'Go Away.' If they are any errors, please forgive me. It'll be in a bandage for 6 weeks! This will be an interesting experience, I suppose! xx
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