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The new picture is my new hair! Dyed it pinkz!!!! I LUVV IT! Thank you Jayson!!!!!!!!!!! Best BF Everrrr! He actually dyed it for me! Ahhahaha! So anywayz, my name is lizzy. DUHH! My fave color is pink, again, duhh! ahaha! I am quite bubbly! I am scene at heart, but do not dress very scene most of the time! I love 5sos, 1D, BVB, etc. So, if you are done stalking me, byez!

  • LizzyBelle143

    mumbled "OMIGAWD"

    Ok so Jayson is NOT dead guys. Thank god!!! He is however.....in a coma. If he doesn't wake up in 10 days, they will pull the plug. So plz pray 4 jay guys. U rock
  • LizzyBelle143

    mumbled "C'ya l8r"

    Ugh I have to go to school now. I am going to puke. Worst part....jayson left this morning. I have to go to school....alone. ugh....why can't he just move back?!? Oh guys sorry I flipped like tht. Anywayz.....oh! Speak of the devil (not a devil at all) jayson is calling me!
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    mumbled "What The Hell?!?"

    Ok guys sooo like I'm with jayson today right? You guys won't believe what happened. He has to move to damn Australia! Like omg WTF. We are going to try to make it work...but I mean he is gonna be in Australia and I'm in the USA. That is really far. I know this: I will miss him. I actually did love him....now he's moving. It wasn't meant for me to love. Gotta go now guys.
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