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    It's rare that we get to see the "better" side if Elena. She is usually portrayed as the evil villain. What she did was wrong and illegal. However, it was effective for awhile and I agree with another reviewer that Christian did love her, even if it was just for a brief while. Elena adored Christian, but I'm not sure if she ever loved him
    Fifty Shades Of Grey: My Years With Elena *Warning - Explicit Content*
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    Thank you lizzy lyon. This is just my interpretation of how their story possibly panned out. EL James might have had her down as the evil child abuser, but I wasn't comfortable coming at it from that angle. I like to think of her as a bored trophy wife who met a well-developed but troubled teen and they both fulfilled a need in each other - rightly or wrongly - for a period of time and this helped shaped Christian into what he became until Ana fell into his office :) Thank you for your interest. Kind regards Winbeth6574xx
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