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You say 'no homo', I say 'TASTE THE FREAKING RAINBOW'.

I just want to say a few things
If anyone is hurting you for being you
There will be hell to pay
Because no one deserves to be in pain
No matter how much they fucked up in the past
You are beautiful, start acting like it

I don't care who you are, or what you look like. I don't care if you're male or female, black or white, gay or straight, religious or atheist, skinny or fat, short or tall, bossy or submissive, or loud or shy. I love you. Even if I don't know your name, or what you look like, I love you <3

Friends: Judge you for being different and tell you to change.
True/Best/Real Friends: Don't give a shit and love you for you. They support you and are their when you need them.
Friends: Aren't there for you.
Repost this if you are a True/Best/Real friend to at least one person or have at least one true friend)

♥ Disney should make a gay prince, so boys know it's OK to be gay.
♥ Disney should make a lesbian princess, so girls know it's OK to be lesbian.
♥ Disney should make a bald princess, so children with cancer all over the world can be beautiful too.
♥ Disney should make a prince and princess with scars, so people with scars know they are beautiful too.
♥ Disney should make a princess that isn't stick thin, because every body type is beautiful.
♥ Disney should make an ugly princess and a pretty witch, because right now they are saying "If you're beautiful, you are a princess and if you're ugly, you are a mean witch that no-one will like."
So basically, the princesses are sluts that think they can get away with everything.
The witches are poor bully victims that are so-called evil because they are judged.
Repost this as a status if you agree.
Re-post on your profile if you are brave

~~~~~~~~~♥♥♥ "~~"♥♥
~~~~~~~~♥♥♥ "~~~~♥♥
~~~~~~♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ "Put this on your profile
~~~~.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ if you love music"
~~~♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ "'♥
♥♥♥~~~"♥♥♥ "~~~♥♥~~~♥♥
~~~♥♥♥~~~~~~~♥♥~♥♥ ~

Normal people: Think being invisbile is impossible. Hetalia Fans: KNOW being invisible is possible because Canada proved it.
Normal people: Wouldn't kill themselves because they are afraid of pain. Hetalia Fans: Wouldn't kill themselves because they love themself's too much.
Normal people: Say "Yolo and Swag". Hetalia Fans: Say "Make Pasta not War".
Normal People: Love Flordia! Hetalia Fans: Are smart enough to NOT go to Flordia.
Normal People: Say they are cool. Hetalia Fans: Say they are Zhe Awesome Prussia.
Normal People: Don't know that Sealand is real. Hetalia Fans: Are already staying at Sealand's place for the summer.
Normal People: Don't become one with Mother Russia. Hetalia Fans: Are one with Mother Russia.
Normal People: Aren't heros. Hetalia Fans: We are Superman!
Normal People: Listen to JB and 1D. Hetalia Fans: Listen's to Artie rock out on his guitar!
Normal People: Are rude and mean. Hetalia Fans: Are family!
Normal people: Don't believe in magic. Hetalia Fans: Live's with unicorns and Flying Mint Bunny!
Normal People: Won't repost this. Hetalia Fans: Will repost this!

Normal People: Rely on their local weatherman for the weather forecast. Hetalians: Try to cheer a country up to stop the rain.
Normal People: On a bad day will say, "Today is just not my day." Hetalians: "Why did England curse me again?"
Normal People: Say "OMG!" Hetalians: "Mein Gott!"
Normal People: Go to a psychiatrist to tell their feelings. Hetalians: Ask's Italy to cheer them up.
Normal People: Say, "Shut up or I'll tell on you!" Hetalians: "Shut up or I will invade your vital regions!"
Normal People: Think that Hetalians are stupid. Hetalians: Know that Normal People are stupid.
Normal People: When being chased yell's, "HELP ME SOMEBODY!" Hetalians: Whip out their woks.
Normal People: Would choose somewhere sunny to go for vacation. Hetalians: Already booked in for a holiday to Russia.
Normal People: Don't have this on their profile. Hetalians: MUST have this on their profile!

Drink: COFFEE. (Coffee is my life blood.)
Food: Sushi. I mean, for meal food. Junk comes later!
Show(s): Orange is the New Black. Dexter, Doctor Who, Sailor Moon, and Soul Eater
Music: I am not going to try making this list as it would be three pages long.
Movies: Silence of the Lambs, Anything by Disney (I will admit to a preference to older stuff), Blue is the Warmest Color, and many more.
Junk Food: Cappuccino Crunch ice cream, apple fritters, french fries, cupcakes, and homemade Snikerdoodles~
Animals: OWLS and Polar Bears~

I'm spontaneous with people I'm comfortable with, but still really shy, and blush easily. I'm random, and love using gifs in my messages. I can't stand loud noises, bullies, book destruction, or rude bigots. I LOVE Broadway, writing, singing, baking, and ice hockey. My best friend, and other friends treat me like their mother because I worry excessively about the ones I love, and mother hen... ALL the time.

I love one direction!!!!!!!!

my best friend is Kimberly! Aka Pink Fluffy Llamacorn
she made me make an account so...yeah!

Well, guys, I hope this gives you a little insight to who you're dealing with!

  • Lizzy^•^

    mumbled "me and kimmy<3"

    1 years agoReply

    I'm only posting this because Kim really likes it. And she keeps bugging me rn But I hate it cause I'm chubby as fuck and I look like I waa run over by a car multiple times.
    1 years ago
    Nah she does tho. I like my overalls ����
    1 years ago
    Lolz���� Lol kimmy says hai btw. And I don't know I'm just trying to suck it in��
    1 years ago
    Kimmy says she likes pie. Idk -.- *facepalm*

    Lolz so wazzup

  • Lizzy^•^
    2 years agoReply
    Bruh! She's ok. I panicked cause her mom kept yelling she was dead but they stopped the bleeding when we got to the hospital. She's alright though.
    2 years ago
    but she is not im here for her and ik you are here too for her and we love her

    and she not listen to the bullyes at school she is amazing fabuloes pretty and all the thing i can imagined

    *sorry if i spell the wrong
    2 years ago
    Its cool. I'll tell her what you said. I gotta go love, I gotta do hw.
    2 years ago
    oh ok
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