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Hi, I'm Elizabeth, I'm a Harry girl and a Virgo. I have the same birthday as Niall and I love to read and write. This is my first account - my second more official one is iloveyouonedirection so check me out there as well. I didn't know I had this account still till I got an email about it. So now I'm back, I'll probably put a link on the other account to that profile as well as here so here is the link: http://www.movellas.com/people/profile/201207242217089725

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    Love this story, just started it! It's amazayn! I don't know who she should be with, it's all so confusing! But I love it!
    The Trade. (16+)
    The Trade. (16+)
    (THIS STORY IS GOING TO BE REWRITTEN SOON "Well, if your mother signs this paper, it states that in three weeks you will leave to go to Ireland for six months and finish your Junior year of high school....
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