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  • Livy
    4 years agoReply
    A fabulous piece of written work and explains in such great detail away of how death affects people in all different was e.g. when Charlie's mother dies. Congratulations x
  • Livy
    4 years agoReply
    Hey Beth Forder its Litchfield girl who had her ears pierced Livy French I really need help setting up my movellas and how to get fans please reply soon xx
    Beth Forder
    4 years ago
    Hey Livy French. I would refer you to a movella by Starble but it's disappeared. I posted on Starble's wall asking her where it was and am waiting for a reply.

    Brief Guide To Movellas (Very very brief)

    You write something and publish it. People then fan you and favourite your movella. They can leave comments and constructive criticism. The more you use movella and the more movellas you publish, the more popular you become thus the more people fan you.

    If you read a movella you like, you can like it,; favourite it and follow the author.

    And that is the briefest guide ever to movellas.

    Hope this is helpful :-)
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