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omfg i havent used this in a long ass time

18 yrs old with a heart of gold

ya i write stories abt the weirdest & cliche things so pls check them out

please check out my hit novel: Wrong Number, give it some love bc its that story is literally my child

currently studying pre-med in the hopes of becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon andddd yeah, check out my poetry: hellopoetry.com/overdosethis

I've been on hiatus for probably a year and I usually always come back during the break so this 2017, i'll be writing a new novel that I hope u guys like

xx pixxie

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    Hellooooo!!! Check out my new story for the Beauty and the Beast competition called: Chronic! Give it some love!
    4 months ago
    @[pixxie] Long time no see! Great to still see you are active on Movellas! I'll be sure to check this out now! Hopefully you too won't mind checking out my latest stories? ;) Remember me? It's fine if you don't. We used to review each other's stories & you loved my story: [THE OBSERVER]
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    yayyyy I'm back on movellas and it looks like all my old friends are gone LOL but I'm willing to make some new ones so hmu if ya guys wanna chat and make a new friend :-)
    4 months ago
    @[Le Fox] hellooo!!! thank u hehe
    4 months ago
    @[BrokenFeatures] heyyyy thank u its good to be back :-)
    4 months ago
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    @[Nicolas L.] thank uuuu

    @[3 SECOND LUKE] hey luke!! thanks
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    Hello everyoneeeeee. So i believe it's been about a year since I last went online on here hahaha so anyways, as you all know my novel, Wrong Number, is a hit on Movellas. It became one of the top Romance Novels in this entire website and I cant thank my readers and supports enough for giving me this amazing milestone. Wrong Number is literally like my baby and I cherish it with all my heart.

    And now, I've chosen to sell my book on iBooks because I want Wrong Number to go on a much global scale and of course, to help me fund my college. I am currently looking for an editor to help me finish rewriting the book. Comment down below if you're interested!
    7 months ago
    I would love to help out!
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    itS FIVE THIRTY IN THE MORNING RIGHT NOW SO I WOKE UP EARLY JUST TO UPDATE HOORAY. so i hope u all can read my new novel called Saving Lucas, I already uploaded chapter 2 so puhleeeeaz check it out and for those that haven't read it at all yet, please. i'm begging you, read it, like it, favorite it, comment on it, etc etc. love u allll

    Saving LucasLucas Moore is your not so average teenage boy. Having straight A’s, 4.0 GPA, a 2350 SAT score, the complete math nerd as his best friend, anime manga...
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