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I've been afan of 1D since they became a group on X-Factor, I heard about them through my cousin, who lives in Whales and loves X-Factor. I can honestly say at home I was the first in my school to know about them, and I was idolizing them and obsessing over them for a while before everyone at school (and the rest of the world) finally started recognizing them as the next big thing since the last British explosion. I'm not a fan who wants to marry them, I don't dedicate my life to stalking them, although I do tend to talk about them a whole lot, I like them for who they are and hope they always stay true to who they are and never let fame change them. But I will not lie when I say I've never fantasized about what my life would be if I fell in love with any of them, yes I don't have a favorite, I've gone through a phase with all of them and came to the clonclusion they're all amazing and could give a paper on each of them and what I love about them.
But anyway, if and when I start to write my stories they will be filled with love, drama, and long-lasting friendships that take time to build and a while to sustain, I hope you all find that good to read. Because I am taking a creative writing course this year, so if I experiment with my writing skills, don't blame me, school will have its influences :p
Hope I can connect with a few over our love for the fab boys from X-Factor and can share ideas and talk about our writing, I'm so happy I joined!

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    Oh. My. Goodness! That was soooooooo good i cannot believe i'm up at 2am finishing it and just almost dying and squealing and ong i can't form sentences right now i'm sorry but OMG that was sooo good!!! :)
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    Get Out Of My Mind
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    Nina :)
    5 years ago
    This made me smile :P Thanks for reading! xx
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