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Just a Canadian who loves to write. Co Writer to x4 Stories.
Sorry if my story's get depressing or dark. I don't try to make them that way, I hope you enjoy my stories and imagines. I will try my best to post stuff quickly as I can.

Narcissistic Cannibal- On Going
The Depressions- On Going
One Direction Imagines- Requests on Hold!

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    mumbled "New Story :D"

    Alright, so I'm adding a new story now you may be asking why would I do that seeing as how I barley post stories here in the first place but I am honestly trying I just haven't really had any inspiration too write anything new on any of the stories. But last night I was reading some fanfics on here and I was like "Maybe I can write one like this..". I know MANY have been done before, but I wanna try to put my own twist on a fanfiction where One Direction adopts a child or something completely different. I guess I'll know in a few minutes now won't I?

    Also if you guys could be like really kind could you please make some trailers for any of my stories please? I was thinking about making some myself but it honestly would look horrible if I did it, I'm gonna ask some other people on youtube too to see if they can make some too, if ANY of you make one can you please link the trailer in a comment on this or on the story you made the trailer for? Please?

    That's all :3
    If you read all this comment
    'Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows'
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    Please !! I need the sequel !!! I got so addicted to this ! I love your writing !!
    forever is a long time
    forever is a long...
    This is a dark and eerie fanfic it will include deaths, violence, cursing, and it will have sex scenes in it if any of that worries you or you have trouble reading stuff like that then this story is not...
    5 years ago
    It's up it's called coming undone its on my page :)
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    mumbled "Featured!!"

    Alright, so I'm sick so I went onto my iPod to delete the emails that I don't really read (updates and stuff like that) and I get one from Movella saying... That MY One Direction Imagines is Featured in 'One Direction Fanfictions' app!! You have no idea how happy this makes me! Thank you guys for enjoying them so much, I'm sorry that they don't really get posted a lot but I'm trying my best!! I hope to have one up hopefully today!
    Okay, off to write!
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    Elle and Harry, Brown eyes and dark curly brown hair
    you guys i'm only going to write dirty ones so just leave a comment with ur name and details and which guy (or if u want lots) and comment if u want it extra dirty ;) and I'll make one for u.
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    It's good for a starting chapter c:
    Never know unless you try
    Never know unless...
    Ok so I'm not really much of a writer but I enjoy it so I'm going to try a story but please don't be too harsh: Hi I'm Lyndsey and I live in New York. Hi I'm Lyndsey. I'm not sure why you would want...
    5 years ago
    5 years ago
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