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    mumbled "Back to normality."

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    So basically, the last year has been a little bit fucked up. I failed my first year at college, dropped out and went to sixth form instead. Didn't exactly excel in my first year there either but I didn't fail like I did at college. My Dad was diagnosed only recently with Multiple Sclerosis, but they've taken nearly a year to diagnose it. He doesn't deserve it.
    Boys have been a little bit annoying. This one kid decided to tell me he missed what we had and insinuated that he wanted me back, but then kindly informed me that he still had a girlfriend. I was very angry to say the least.
    I am trying so hard to get everything in my life to fall back into place but it's an awful lot of effort. I have to help an awful lot more in the house, otherwise everything starts to fall apart. And even when it runs smoothly, something else will go wrong, causing an argument. Aargh, teenage years are stressful!
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    This is so good and so original, I can't believe that it didn't win the competition!!!
    Stuck in the middle
    Stuck in the middl...
    A poem from the point of view from a tree in a war ground and what it see's. This is a competition entry so please like, fav and comment :)
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    mumbled "The Hunger Games"

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    OMG this film!! The books were amazing. Well-written and beautful descriptions included. The film is even better. The effects and the way that all the descriptions in the book have been brought to life by the creators is incredible!
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    mumbled "Birthday Girl."

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    Ok, so today, I turned 17. It's a gorgeous day, sunny and not a cloud in the sky. I had a driving lesson as one of my presents. It was so good! I did stall...twice, but other than that, it was great! Some kids decided they were going to race me, and I obviously lost because I was going so slowly that I think a baby could have crawled faster! But other than that it was great!
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    mumbled "Proud to be British"

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    First blog obviously going to be on the Olympics. Being British is now such an honour, even if our medal collection from these games remains as small as it is now! The opening ceremony was incredible, far better than anyone expected, I believe, and although it was slightly confusing to many many people, it was also an incredible way of showing the entire world what we can do as a nation! Let's just hope Tom Daley can manage to grab a medal with Pete Waterfield, be it gold, silver or bronze. The women's diving today was impressive, with little Alicia Blagg, aged just 15 diving for us! So at this moment in time, feeling very proud to be British!
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