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Hi! I'm Louise! I'm 15 and I am a hopeless romantic! :-P I'm Irish!

Fav Movies: All of the Twilight Saga, The Back To The Future Trilogy, Dear John, Titanic, The Vow.....

Fav Tv Shows: Friends, Neighbours, Coronation Street, Lizzie McGuire, Good Luck Charlie, iCarly.....

Fav Books: The Hunger Games, The Twilight Saga, Beautiful Creatures

Fav Colour: Blue

Fav Food: Beef Lasagna and Spaghetti Bolognaise.

Read my story and contact for any suggestions/reviews or if you just want to know me.

Kik Username: PrincessOfHope

Cya! ;-)

Lou Lou <3

  • livelaughlove
    BRILLIANT!! :-P ;-)
    Following the River
    Following the Rive...
    Sometime in the future the world has changed drastically and the remaining human population is crammed together in protected areas living in fear of the monstrous creatures that live outside of the city....
    Tuesday M
    6 years ago
    Thanks though it isn't.
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