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    Can you do one for me plz. Name:Christina. Height: 5' 2". Personality: happy go lucky, but also Stern when I need to be. Hobbies: Music, sports, and art. Habits: sing and dancing whenever. 5 likes: singing, hugs, playing guitar (and others), writing, sugary snacks, nature. 5 dislikes: jerk boys, people who are full of them selves, make-up, the color pink, people making fun of others. Fav color: black. Fav 1D song: irresistible or they don't know about us. Hair: long dark brown. Eyes: brown. Style: almost any EXCEPT girly girl. Boy: Liam or Niall. N becoming their girlfriend. Thanks:)
    1D Images! (On Hold)
    1D Images! (On Hol...
    Sorry! Important project to do and I'm busy! I'll get back to y'all as soon as I can! Please don't request while I'm gone!
    How about I make one of the boys your brother? I'll wait to see what yo have to say
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    4 years ago
    Okey:) I'll be fine with that:D
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    Plz make one for me. I'm Christina with long dark brown hair. Brown eyes. Can I have it with Nisll. Love at first sight
    One Direction Imagines!!
    One Direction Imag...
    Please request imagines!!!! Also, go read my other book!! You and I! Please tell me your name, hair and eye color, which 1D lad, situation, and anything else!! Thanks!! Lots of Love!!
    4 years ago
    Hope you Like it!!
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    4 years ago
    I loved it soooooo much. Many thanks. :D btw your a good writer
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    Can u write about me plz. Name: Christina
    Who:Finn harries
    About: I'll leave it up to u :)
    Youtube Imagines
    Youtube Imagines
    This is basically a book full of imagines with youtubers. You can request for one if you wish
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    GRRRR this A person is driving me insane
    Being his bestfriend
    Being his bestfrie...
    They both had met in Ireland, since they were little. They soon became bestfriends, they both were inseparable. One day Niall auditions for the X-Factor. And gets put in a boy band called "One Direction."...
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