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A passion for writing

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    if i could open anything with a key i would open a door to new possibilities so when life got to boring i could use the key to open up more options in life i could lend it to other people in tough times or when things get so same old daily routine. my key would look like a normal everyday front door key but when you look past the stereotypical key the small unique bits at the front which open the door are six tiny arrows pointing in different directions.
  • live.love.laugh

    mumbled "happy birthday to me"

    hi everyone,
    its my birthday and i have just signed up i love writing and cant wait to begin. since i am new iwas just wondering if you could send me some recomended stories and people to read. see you all round. Happy blogging!
    Peace & Donuts
    6 years ago
    Happy birthday!!!!!! Lol I just saw your pic pop up in the activity feed I'm not a stalker lol :D plz can u read my story don't change??? Thanx :D and have a nice day!!!
    6 years ago
    WOW!!! thats AMAZING! You are so talented i just want u to carry on, go on go on go on! LOL
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