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    mumbled "k this botheres me"

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    why is it that most the book things on here are about 1D and JB?
    Whomever You Please
    Seriously, I don't know how to tell this girl I don't like fanfics at all, she's all hyped up about it saying she wants fanfic because that's what everyone reads and crap. Oh. My. Goodness. NO,just no! if I see fanfic when I'm about to read a book I exit that page as fast as possible.
    K.s Nightshade originals
    the only fanfic i have is Land of confusion but it is a youtube based book the rest of the sieries ir out of my own mind (other than land of light) but those are my only ones but they are both originals that i just used the music vidieo as refrance and a few sceenes :)
    Whomever You Please
    I really don't care if people write fanfic as long as they don't compare it to others' work and say that it's better than anything else because if the setting, characters, and/or plot didn't come from your own mind, it's not real work.
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