So about me...well I'm 16, devoutly weird, one-third-Agent, one-third-Lone Survivor of a rebel group, and one-third-Commandress of the most controversial of the genres.
Yes, they can go together.

I am a Key of the Gate, a member of The Gateway Army!

I'm also a fanbassador, so if you've got any questions, drop a message and I'll answer any question.

So to you today,
I will put my hand on my heart,
And say my oath to Movellas:

I promise to stay,
I promise to fight to the end.
I will not be lead astray,
I will stand by you my friend.
To Movellas I will remain loyal,
I will not fall to the uprising danger.
We are the kind of Royal,
Even with any stranger.
We have not given in,
And I never will.
I will turn from this sin,
And write with my electronic 'quill.'
Here I am, about to fall apart,
On my knees, hand on heart.
I will fight to the bitter end,
I will defend from this bloody war.
Fight against this rising trend,
So join me as I walk through this door.

Movellas (43)

  • LittleMsHollywoodAmbass..

    One Year

    It's been a year now. Not a year since I joined this place, but a year since I first began a relationship with my boyfriend. @[Parthia]
    Love, I met you on here, and I'm so glad I did. You've been supportive of me through my highs and lows, through ups and downs. You've been the best lover you ever could be, and I have a feeling this year will be the first of many.
    I love you.
    I love you too, sweetie. You'll always be my best friend, and such a great lover. I love you too.
    :) Love you too:)
    Pinkie Pie
    Aww! You two are so cute together! I don't know either of you, but I like you two!!
    Thank you. I like you too, and I'm pleased to meet you.
  • LittleMsHollywoodAmbass..

    A Sum Up Of British Education Today. Dear Mr Gove...

    I found this. It's well worth the watch. It pretty much sums up education today, under Michael Gove. Plus Jess Green is an amazing poet.

  • LittleMsHollywoodAmbass..

    Hunger Games Day 13

    Honestly...I think Peeta should have died. I just see him as a one-dimensional person. Plus...nothing will break a Gatniss shipper!
  • LittleMsHollywoodAmbass..

    Hunger Games Day 12

    Wiress really should not have died, especially in that way. She was recovering from shock...and Gloss slit her throat from behind. It really should not have happened that way.
  • LittleMsHollywoodAmbass..

    Hunger Games Day 11

    Why did they leave out the story of the Avoxes in the films? It may be a minor storyline, but it's still pretty significant. The story of Lavinia in the woods, and of the old District 12 Head Peacekeeper being Katniss' personal Avox. It would have added so much to the films.
    E.H.Weaver Nightshade
    Indeed it would have.
    Alice May Jones Ambass..
    they missed so much from the films, they didn't include the mayor's daughter (i cant remember her name) and they missed the watch part of catching fire where plutarch gives Katniss a hint about the arena (i was really excited to see that). In my opinion, they murdered the books.
    I didn't think the films were too bad. They'll never match the awesomeness of the books, but they're still good.
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