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So about me...well I'm 16, devoutly weird, one-third-Agent, one-third-Lone Survivor of a rebel group, and one-third-Commandress of the most controversial of the genres.
Yes, they can go together.

I am a Key of the Gate, a member of The Gateway Army!

I'm also an ambassador, so if you've got any questions about the site, getting your movella noticed, or anything like that, drop a message and I'll answer any question.

So to you today,
I will put my hand on my heart,
And say my oath to Movellas:

I promise to stay,
I promise to fight to the end.
I will not be lead astray,
I will stand by you my friend.
To Movellas I will remain loyal,
I will not fall to the uprising danger.
We are the kind of Royal,
Even with any stranger.
We have not given in,
And I never will.
I will turn from this sin,
And write with my electronic 'quill.'
Here I am, about to fall apart,
On my knees, hand on heart.
I will fight to the bitter end,
I will defend from this bloody war.
Fight against this rising trend,
So join me as I walk through this door.

  • Ms Holly
    5 days agoReply
    Hi, I really need as many reviews on this as possible. It's a little long and it is a fanfiction (not a boyband one though, thankfully), but it goes in depth. It doesn't have to be a comment on the movella if you don't want.
    Silence's Voice'Other' fanfiction. Category: AT, or Alternate Timeline. Same universe as canon, but a different point in that universe's history. Just an assassin. Nothi...
    Review Store
    Review Store
    Welcome to KuraiSenshi's Review Store, where you can get in-depth reviews for your story, as well as other aids of writing a good movella, such as dialogue, descriptions and more!
    5 days ago
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    I'll get down to it. :D
    5 days ago
    Since this is quite a long story (8 hours? Damn!), I'd appreciate it if you could allow me a day or two, since I have a pretty busy schedule with studies. I'll try my best to get it done by tomorrow, but if not, then in all likelihood, I'll present my review on the day after.
    Ms Holly
    5 days ago
    Sure, go ahead. It is ridiculously long, and feels even longer when editing.

  • Ms Holly
    1 weeks agoReply
    Hi Skye,

    I found this movella, which REALLY does not belong on here. It and the author are here purely to advertise an escort service.
    Female Companion in LondonDo you know how can you achieve the maximum satisfaction in the easiest possible way? If you see girl coming to your imagination, then you are right! We...
    Skye S
    3 days ago
    Hi Ms. Holly,
    Thanks for telling me. How sketchy. I've deleted the account as a spammer :-)
  • Ms Holly
    1 weeks agoReply
    Title of Story: Silence's Voice (I know you already commented on it but I've since completed the story and began editing.)
    Genre: Elder Scrolls fanfiction.
    Number of Chapters: 21
    Silence's Voice'Other' fanfiction. Category: AT, or Alternate Timeline. Same universe as canon, but a different point in that universe's history. Just an assassin. Nothi...

    Option: D
    Review Location: Can you give me feedback chapter by chapter please?
    Due Date: ASAP if you can.
    Additional Fan Stuff: Do whatever you want with it. You can do a little image if you want.

    Thank you!
    Constructive Criticism
    Constructive Criti...
    Do you want feedback on your story and fast? Maybe it's your whole story, or just a few chapters, but whatever it is, I can assure you that you will be able to have a good idea of how to move forward with...
    Layla Shafie
    1 weeks ago
    Hello! I will most certainly have a look and try to give the best constructive criticism possible. I should hopefully have this all done (every single chapter) by Sunday 12th June. If that's too late, I can do like half of your chapters (11) by Monday 30th May. Sorry, it's still quite late; I have exams this week but I'm on a break from school the week after next (after THAT week I'm going on a trip to Paris). Anyyyway, this book seems great already (Sorry I can't remember since I last read it) and I can't wait to give you some feedback!
    Ms Holly
    1 weeks ago
    I don't mind having half my chapters done before the other. Whatever seems easiest.

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