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Proud member of the Maverick family.
*Creepypasta Family* - Laughing Jack.

So about me...well I'm 16, devoutly weird, one-third-Agent, one-third-Lone Survivor of a rebel group, and one-third-Commandress of the most controversial of the genres.
Yes, they can go together.

I am a Key of the Gate, a member of The Gateway Army!

I'm also an ambassador, so if you've got any questions about the site, getting your movella noticed, or anything like that, drop a message and I'll answer any question.

So to you today,
I will put my hand on my heart,
And say my oath to Movellas:

I promise to stay,
I promise to fight to the end.
I will not be lead astray,
I will stand by you my friend.
To Movellas I will remain loyal,
I will not fall to the uprising danger.
We are the kind of Royal,
Even with any stranger.
We have not given in,
And I never will.
I will turn from this sin,
And write with my electronic 'quill.'
Here I am, about to fall apart,
On my knees, hand on heart.
I will fight to the bitter end,
I will defend from this bloody war.
Fight against this rising trend,
So join me as I walk through this door.

  • Ms Holly
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    Hello, could you please review my story HalfBlood please? It's a bit different, and very paranormal, but I think you'll like it. Thank you.
    I'm bored so why not read stories. / All the requirements in the first chapter.
  • Beautifully Payne

    mumbled "For Ms Holly"

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    @[Ms Holly ] Let me know if I need to change anything. I tried to put all your colors you wanted so hope you like it.
    Ms Holly
    1 months ago
    Thank you! Though for the quote, it should be 'an incarnation' where you've put 'and incarnation'. Otherwise, it's perfect, thank you.
  • Ms Holly
    1 months agoReply
    Hello, could you please review my movella HalfBlood? Thank you.
    HalfBloodKanya - A name, a mix, an incarnation. She was raised in a realm of flame and scale, living with the serpentine drakes she rides and controls, taming...
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