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Not much really to say, only that I'm a writer on here interested in high fantasy, hidden fantasy, science fiction, and gaming fanfiction.

I'm an ambassador, so if you've got any questions about the site, getting your movella noticed, or anything like that, drop a message and I'll answer any question.

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    Favourite food? Venison and pheasant stew. Had it several times before and it was gorgeous.
    Favourite colo(u)r? Red
    Favourite Music? Rock, some alternative, some metal.
    Talents? I paint and have a great skill in getting what I want
    In love? Yep and engaged.
    Hobbies? Writing, drawing, world building.
    Gamer? Hell yeah!
    Height? 5'0
    Eye colour? Green. Like a mix of spring green and olive green.
    Hair colour? Naturally brown, currently dyed blondish-gingery with my roots showing through a lot.
    Shirt colour? Rusty orange, like a kind of deserty colour...idk, it's hard to describe.
    Jeans or shorts? Depends on the weather, generally shorts as jeans pinch the back of my knees.
    Get married? I'm engaged, so yeah. Really small and quiet though, like a courthouse wedding.
    Have kids? HELL NO! I'm actually hoping to get sterilised. Kids are loud, messy, and expensive; pregnancy and childbirth screws your body up for life, and I know that mentally, emotionally, and financially I won't ever be able to take care of a child.
    Daydream? Way too much for my own good.
    Someone you love? My fiance.
    Someone you hate? I can think of a few.
    Dream job? Maybe a game writer scripting quests and storylines for games.
    Pepsi or Coca Cola? Coca Cola, though I can't have any due to braces.
    Currently reading? I honestly haven't read any books since my 17th birthday. Just fell out of love with reading.
    Biggest fear? Being out on the water. I can't swim and deep water terrifies me.
    A quote you live by? Don't really have one.

    @[Eldannyo The Ginger Wolf]
    @Rin of Crimson Blood
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    2014 Year 11 prom versus 2016 Year 13 valedictory (for one). Keept the red lipstick though made it matte, the Art Deco collar necklace became a choker of rosebuds, and the hair still stays loose though longer.
    3 weeks ago
    The guy in the car xD
    3 weeks ago
    ^^ XD
    Varis Underwood
    3 weeks ago
    I had my year 11 prom last night, just got back from my final assembly

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    Those old enough to vote in the UK and Northern Ireland, polls open at 7am today. Those in Northern Ireland, remember to bring valid photo ID.
    Luke J.R
    1 months ago
    If this goes badly, I'm leaving and starting my own island, I'll call it J.R Island, and then when we finally get enough backers on KickStarter- I'm going to rename it J.R Huts! And then when we finally get enough to build it into a city, you are all welcome to live there.

    J.R Island Rules:

    - Everything that every country has done WRONG, done RIGHT :3

    Good Motto!
    Cāngkù Shísān
    1 months ago
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    I did get a weird loch ness photo once...
    Luke J.R
    1 months ago

    Yeah me too, I found out that it was for CosPlay a while later, and then I just knew I was going to be with Nessie forever- (Pun intended) I'm still moving with Nessie, I won't lose track of her.
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