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Proud member of the Maverick family. *Creepypasta Family* - Laughing Jack. So about me...well I'm 16, devoutly weird, one-third-Agent, one-third-Lone Survivor of a rebel group, and one-third-Commandress of the most controversial of the genres. Yes, they can go together. I am a Key of the Gate, a member of The Gateway Army! I'm also an ambassador, so if you've got any questions about the site, getting your movella noticed, or anything like that, drop a message and I'll answer any question. So to you today, I will put my hand on my heart, And say my oath to Movellas: I promise to stay, I promise to fight to the end. I will not be lead astray, I will stand by you my friend. To Movellas I will remain loyal, I will not fall to the uprising danger. We are the kind of Royal, Even with any stranger. We have not given in, And I never will. I will turn from this sin, And write with my electronic 'quill.' Here I am, about to fall apart, On my knees, hand on heart. I will fight to the bitter end, I will defend from this bloody war. Fight against this rising trend, So join me as I walk through this door.

  • Ms Holly
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    My A Level Creative Writing class is backing me to do it fully this year, :D and my EPQ is to write, edit, and complete a novel, plus have a 30 minute presentation on my novel ready to do in front of my EPQ class, by September 2015. NaNoWriMo is brilliant for this! :D My username is LMHbryony.
    The Epic NaNoWriMo Race 2014
    The Epic NaNoWriMo...
    Ladies and gentlemen, roll up and witness the most extreme race known to the writing world. That's right! NaNoWriMo! But who'll be first to the finish line? Only time will tell.
    Molly Looby
    1 days ago
    Awesome :) I'm adding you now!
    Ms Holly
    1 days ago
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    Thank you! :)
    Uniqua Niques
    21 hours ago
    You're doing creative writing for A Level? That is so cool!
  • Ms Holly

    mumbled "NaNoWriMo Yet Again"

    1 weeks agoReply
    Ok, so I decided to do NaNoWriMo, with my scrap of an idea, but I need a few more ideas for the actual plot. Here's the idea:
    For crimes directly against the New Monarchy, the only punishment is to be made a Glacial. All your emotions are wiped, the receptors for emotions are destroyed, and from that point on, the only way you will ever experience emotion again is from the injection of a specific stigma.
    Yet during the erasure process for one girl, something goes wrong. A few receptors are left intact, but barely any, so she's just left to it in the belief that the disuse will cause the remaining receptors to die off. Like any other Glacial, she's given a new family, a new school, and new plans for her future - due to how her being emotionless will mean she's completely neutral to any potential future she has.
    Unlike any other Glacial though, she finds herself first making a friend without any emtional stigma injections for happiness and friendly love, and then falling in love with that friend, all of her own accord, and all against what was planned.
    Molly Looby
    1 weeks ago
    That sounds awesome. I would read that :)
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