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Niamm bitchess!
Oh! hey there! I guess you're looking at this because you want to know more about me, which is stalkerish... but I can roll with it.
We'll start with this, I dedicated my life to dance, lyrical, hip hop, jazz, modern, contemporary and acro, that was until one direction came along so I made room for five more.
I've got blue eyes and brown hair.....

Hana's my bubby
Katrina's my kinder egg
Hannah's my horsey
Gillian's my jelly bean
If you wanna know more, you can just ask, i don't bite! Oohkay maybe just a little, but only a nibble i promise!

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    do you think you could check out my movella? I had another account which some how got deleted so I had to make a new one, so this time I decided to try a new style of writing, It would mean the world to me if you took a look
  • LittleMrsNialler
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    This is brilliant! Don't stop!
    Kidnapped By The Band
    Kidnapped By The...
    {- Inspired by a idea I red in a story in here.} Riley is abused at Home and writes about it all on a blog she has, What if 1D saw her blog and decided to protect her even though she takes it like a...
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