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Who dreamt the wickedest of dreams... an ancient mystery nobody could interpret <3
HIIII I'm sarah. i spend all my time on the internet and i came across this website and u no, i thought, what the heck i'll just join eh?? cant be no harm in it, right?

  • LittlebyLittle
    i like this you use a lot of good words and the lines flow well.
    The Chestnut Tree
    The Chestnut Tree
    My entry for the Love competition. The Chestnut Tree that allows the young couples to seek respite from the scorching sunlight and judgement itself, towers above all, and silently ponders the boundless,...
    6 years ago
    thank you so much! people are too kind. xx
    6 years ago
    it realy is the beauty of the words u chose that has got u the comments :)
    beautiful piece of work
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