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Silence is the most powerful scream.

  • little miss moustache
    prom | relationships | life | one...Daniella and Amy = Directioners. Phoebe = not a Directioner. But... they're best friends. Also, they go to school with One Direction. What could...

    remake of the fanfic. please read it. :]
    Nonchalantly Being Ignorant
    Nonchalantly Being...
    "I have never been truly familiar with One Direction. My friends talked about them, but what do I care? They're obsessed. I'm not." Join Ellie, Beatrice, and Eunice in their new school in London--- with...
  • little miss moustache
    Adele and Louis should spend time together, I mean, they are siblings after all. I really like that Liam was worried of Zayn's well-being, so you should probably put a bigger plotline for that. (A suggestion: Maria and Liam won't get along.)
    Best Friend Love
    Best Friend Love
    Eunice has a best friend named Louis from One Direction. She fell in love with her best friends. What would be Louis' reaction if he knew this. And in one part of this story, Zayn falls in love too with...
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    Yeah..... nice. I would put that... And thanks..
    little miss moustache
    Anytime. :]
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