I'm Lia, and I'm a 15 year old ninja-- Okay, I'll be honest, I'm a 15 year old wannabe ninja. Like those singers who think they look like a celeb, when they don't, and think they can sing, when they can't. Wannabes. I think I look like a ninja (I tend to wear black... that's about it...) when I don't, and I think I'm as awesome and ninja as a ninja, when I'm clearly a very dyspraxic and clumsy bag of potatoes.
In reality though, I want to be a veterinary nurse, or a journalist, or a teacher, or, in my ideal world, an author. I wouldn't mind missing out on some of those jobs, like the veterinary nurse for example, if I still got to work with animals at a charity or something :3 (and children, I love working with little kids, they're awesome and huggy)
I know my writing isn't very good, but I'd still appreciate if you gave it feedback.
I've won/placed in a couple of competitions like the Speechless one (1st), the first TFIOS one (runner up), and the virtual reality one (runner up).
I don't know what else to say but this:
The cats are coming.

Movellas (313)

  • Lia In Coverland

    Lia In Coverland

    by  Lia.
    19 Jul 14

    Although I'm not necessarily known for my covers (or much, nowadays...), I still make them, and I'd appreciate it if sometimes...    Read more

  • Fear


    by  Lia.
    15 Jul 14

    My sister got bullied for six years straight; her hair had been cut off by the bullies, she had become anorexic due to the...    Read more

  • Psychic


    by  Lia.
    15 Jul 14

    This is a poem, for the hidden powers competition, about someone who is psychic but cannot tell anyone. They do not know...    Read more

  • The Confessions of Death

    The Confessions of Death

    by  Lia.
    23 Jun 14

    "I was fed up of your voice, and fed up of your excuses." This story revolves around a series of 'conversations' between...    Read more

  • Question Meh

    Question Meh

    by  Lia.
    9 Jul 14

    Any question, I'll answer.    Read more

  • Lia.Ambass..


  • Lia.Ambass..

    I have a question

    But it needs to be asked to someone who wants to talk privately.
    Does anyone want to? It's kind of important.
    Aunt Midnight Rogue ☕️
    You're emailing me right now xD.
    I have skype or kik, both Chloe_123_x
    raiarna ravenclaw
    I can talk privately I'll create a random movella talk quietly and hire you as co-author do we can talk privately.
    I don't have any friends so i won't talk about
    Lia you know you can always message me on Facebook if you want to chat :)
  • Lia.Ambass..

    I wish

    I wish, I'd die of not breathing. That's how dying works, isn't it? I don't want to die any other way. I want to die of not breathing.
    You die when you can't breathe right? So it's just like having an asthma attack, but eventually you stop breathing. Sounds quite calm in comparison with life.
    Trinity Butler
    The Jeff the killer stab thing, it was a joke.

    I wanna die in my sleep, its more peaceful. ^_^
    this conversation is sad, and creeps me out cuz I'm afraid of death.... Don't let death cross your mind... enjoy life while it lasts, for we do not live forever, thinking of death during life will only waste the precious ounce of life one does have... Life isn't eternal so cherish it... :')
    I will most likely die of looking at my sisters face. ;) Its ugly!
    Sorry sissy!
  • Lia.Ambass..

    I mean honestly

    Today I had a maths test.
    I didn't understand the maths test.
    I felt like I'd forgotten everything I learnt.
    So I wrote him a note, in a page, saying:
    "I'm sorry I did so rubbishly on this test,
    I forgot everything, sorry.
    You should move me to Set 5.
    I OBVIOUSLY belong there."
    I'm in set 2, so when I do badly, I feel like I don't deserve to be there, doing higher maths.
    On Thursday we had careers day, where people came in and gave supposedly-motivational talks about their careers. So many of them said they'd failed maths at first, and it came back to haunt them. Then, at the end, teachers from our own school gave motivational talks. Many of them had failed maths at first, including a MATHS TEACHER.
    Those were supposed to be motivational, but ever since I've just been thinking, 'how on Earth am I supposed to pass maths if they can't?' They've just made me less sure that I'll do okay in maths... :L
    @Annabeth, that's good, but apparently even if you don't want to do a career with any relevance to maths, you still need it which just annoys me >.< xD
    @Alix, I'm put on the list of people who are expected to at least pass... No. I'm going to fail it, and everyone else will pass, and I'll just be one of the people who has to retake it.
    Annabeth Shadownight ☕️
    @[Lia. ] I want to do a career of geology and of course that involves maths

    And I miss math lessons so I'm behind because I have music
    Yeah but I don't want a career that involves maths; I just want to do any career which doesn't involve maths or science... :c
    Annabeth Shadownight ☕️
    Ok. Then maths is pointless. We have to do math until year 11 so I'll be 15 then 2016 but my birthday is end of the year so I'll be 16 in year 12
    I'm only year 9.

    Yeah math is pointless
  • Lia.Ambass..

    Help with opening sentence?

    Is anyone good with opening sentences because I suck.
    I'm writing this story about a girl with this hidden power where her thoughts become reality, and I'm sucky at opening sentences.
    I hate starting with the weather. Sorry K.R., but I do :L I just find that weather never helps me get anywhere in relevance to what I'm actually writing about
    Is this an alright start?:
    'The bars taunted me, standing there so strongly whilst I was crumbling on the floor; my eyes were sore with tears, my eyes were widened with insomnia, and I was trapped.'
    That's great :) you didn't need our help really;P
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