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Like meh new username? Alliteration...

So, uhm, they didn't seem to mention about all the different ambassador roles in the blog thingy so I'll explain to all you newcomers lol. I'm an editor, which means I'll happily give constructive criticism and help you on your path to awesomeness... Yep. Lol XD

Profile picture is Diego <3 yeeeeee

I'm a pretty awful author but if you want a good author go to
Everyone else.
Especially those on my 'fan of' list cause they're awesome. ;3

~Real name is Lia Payne~ Not a directioner full stop.

My favourite band is Nightwish. They are awesomeee...

Meh... People seem to be doing this so, not to sound arrogant (as I have no idea how I got them) here are my awards won:
~ Nominated in Most Helpful Movellian (2012/13)
~ Second in Best Author (2012/13)
~ Placed in The Fault In Our Stars competition
~ Won in Speechless competition
~ Placed in Virtual Reality competition
~Paper awards:
- Came first in best realism movella with Shut Up (also winner of Speechless comp :P)
- Came joint first in Most Hardworking Movellian. Thank you :D

I have a big ambition that I sometimes judge to be too big. :P I am an observer, a thinker. I think logically, but I'm not very logical if you understand me? It's like thinking lots about the question without ever finding out the answer.

I look like a stereotypical girl. People think I'm into pink but I'm the opposite - black's my colour. I'm blonde, blue-eyed and just below average height. I'm dyspraxic, asthmatic, have aspergers. In case you don't know what they mean: Dyspraxia is an excuse for extreme clumsiness and social weirdness - Asthma is where you forget how to breathe xP - Aspergers is another excuse for social weirdness and usually occurs with other stuff, like dyspraxia.

Dreamer, underachiever.
I try at school but I never fit in, I never achieve what I want to achieve.

Mum is artist. Father is accountant. Brother is annoying. I am unpublished writer.

Diego + Gromit are my two little boys <3 Both cats, males. Diego's ALMOST 2 and Gromit is approximately 20 years older than Diego so guess ;)

If someone finds me annoying I prefer to know why as if they don't tell me I'll probably criticize every aspect of myself until they tell me the one reason. (which is most likely my stupidity :P)

I never use 'said' in my work- what fun is 'said'?

I am just a girl, who lives life to the ultimate minimum. (Yes- Minimum!) I don't party, haven't been to a party since I was 3. And that was a bouncy castle one with all my nursery friends. I am the girl who stays in her room, living life to the ultimate minimum. Writing, reading, sketching. But living life to the ultimate minimum is what creates a nerd. And nerds are usually the people who achieve better grades, even if they aren't that smart; they work hard. And once you get better grades you can go to college, then university, then get that dream job you always wanted to pursue. Living life to the ultimate maximum early on destroys your life later on. But living life to the ultimate minimum early on creates just the beginning of your story later on.
So come on, live life to the ultimate minimum with me.

Sooo... More about me?

Favorite Movie: Of course, the Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings series are up there (although the Hunger Games follow-ups aren't out yet, I've read the books so I know what happens). I also enjoy horror, and really liked The Woman In Black, as well as comedy. :D I also enjoy Science Fiction - CLOUD ATLASSSS! :O AMAZING FILM!!

Favourite author: I really don't have one but David Mitchell is definitely up there, along with a lot of other authorsss...
Favourite book: I don't know buttttt maybe Cloud Atlas, it was amazinggggggggg...

My genre of music: Mainly metal - all subgenres of it too, and rock, and some screamo :P and some pop rock.

My words of wisdom:
If you try hard at something then you've already succeeded. ;P

And finally, I say:
Wir sehen uns.
Au revoir!

Oh yeah, P.S: I'm now officially year 10. DDD: Help meee...

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    A new story might be up soon, I haven't had one up for ages I know. lol
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    I found a completely different band to what I usually listen to, and they do a very original genre. So I'm into metal music and they are half there...
    This band is called Babymetal. They're a Japanese teenage-girl Babymetal (their genre) group. This is a mixture of metal and pop and it sounds really quite cool. Youtube them now -- Even though their music is in Japanese, it's just so catchy and amazing and fguyfgefuy
    4ღℯℓ1ℯ ✰
    Wow... I will check them out!
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    I'm happy :)

    I'd been worried about my first controlled assessment results (goes towards final gcse grade!) because people who I deemed to be smarter than me were getting Cs and Ds... But today I got my results. I got 24/30 which is a B but extremely close to an A =D -Highest in year too, how did I even manage that... lol
    Literate LiaAmbass..
    Hopefully :P
    Yeah it was so sad :( Have you seen the movie too or just the book?
    Yeah lol, that's where my over-analyzing gets me xD but I hope I do well in it :o
    Next week I have a science ISA too but I got an A* in the first one and they use your best grade so even if I do badly in this one (which hopefully I won't do) I'll still have an A* as my grade lol
     Ahlaam Nightshade
    Yep. :)
    It was, and yeah, I've seen the movie. It was so upsetting! :'(
    Yep, it's pretty annoying. XD Good luck with it!
    Ooh, best of luck! Science has never been my strongest subject, and I'm two years away from GCSE, so I dunno how to help. It's good that you got an A* though, nice to have a back up grade. XD
    Aunt Midnight Rogue ☕️
    Hi, Li! How are you? (if you're still online...)
    Hopeless WandererAmbass..
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    Just a general update considering I'm not on so much at moment

    Life's being horrid in about 4000 different ways, to excuse me not being on so much.
    But I'll just tell you what's been going on. So, in English at school I'm currently getting B's and am expected to get A's and A*'s within the 1.5 years I have left... Pants :P
    I'm going to enter this kinda big poetry competition soon which is in Brighton, which my English teacher kinda is making me enter after reading my poetry xD
    My brother got his first two GCSEs: an A in Maths and a B in English language... Smarty pants. But if I try hard enough I could beat him in English :P Not sure though.
    The subjects I am currently an A in: History and ICT (well, distinction... same thing)
    Although I'm doing foundation in science -_- I got an A* in the mock ISA which increased my grade to the highest possible, which is good. I just need to do that for the real thing.
    I'm currently kinda unwell, DURING THE HALF TERM HOLIDAYS AS WELL, meaning I can't eat... Positive thought of this illness: I might lose a bit of weight? xD They say think positive about the negative... Ugh.
    Also, hi.
    So how are you guys?
    Peace & Donuts
    Hey Lia! Haven't been on in so long, everything is so different!! I can't work out how to do anything c: Glad everything is going well on here for you :)
    Hopeless WandererAmbass..
    Hi, poophead. No, just kidding. Wait! Now I have to make an alliteration. Poophead pizza, That'll work....for now....what am I even saying?

    Anyways, I'm doing a little interview movella thingy and I was wondering if you'd like to be included. You're creative and funny and super amazing so I figured, 'Hey, maybe Lia will want to do it.' So yeah, here I am. Just tell me if you want to be included :)
    Literate LiaAmbass..
    @Scotttiem hmm.. Yeah, if you fail them basically you go do the sewers and if you pass them you become like a scientisttt.. or whatever job you want. Omg, we should beat up life. And the internet is so awesome :OO I'M GETTING A MOBILE PHONE TODAYYYY!!! A new cat food, not Felix but Diego with Diego being the star of the show and it's mainly cat biscuits as Diego loves those more than other cat food. LOLCATS!
    I'd love to be included in it :O

    @Peace & Cats-- Donuts, I meant donuts... Hey! I'm not on much at the moment either and can't upload work either cause my computer's being a jerk. I'm not entirely I like so many changes... How are you? :D
    Hopeless WandererAmbass..
    I see, so you fail them and your life is ruined. Congratulations then! Your life isn't over :D YOU GOT A MOBILE PHONE WHAT YAY WHAT KIND IS IT AJDVAEIFSIASARG LOLCATS are amazing. The grammatical errors and extreme cuteness of the cats make it all the more amazing. Ooh yay good yay :D
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    I am just------

    Okay, this is really weird. Wow. Woah... I have over 500 fan-ofs, help me...
    Luke J.R
    You deserve them (:
    Congrats x
    Luke J.R
    ^^ Just re-read it and I meant, (Thanks for being supportive on Movellas) (:
    You've earned yours too though ;)
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