I'm Lia, and I'm a 15 year old ninja-- Okay, I'll be honest, I'm a 15 year old wannabe ninja. Like those singers who think they look like a celeb, when they don't, and think they can sing, when they can't. Wannabes. I think I look like a ninja (I tend to wear black... that's about it...) when I don't, and I think I'm as awesome and ninja as a ninja, when I'm clearly a very dyspraxic and clumsy bag of potatoes.
In reality though, I want to be a veterinary nurse, or a journalist, or a teacher, or, in my ideal world, an author. I wouldn't mind missing out on some of those jobs, like the veterinary nurse for example, if I still got to work with animals at a charity or something :3 (and children, I love working with little kids, they're awesome and huggy)
I know my writing isn't very good, but I'd still appreciate if you gave it feedback.
I've won/placed in a couple of competitions like the Speechless one (1st), the first TFIOS one (runner up), and the virtual reality one (runner up).
I don't know what else to say but this:
The cats are coming.

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    Two Colours In One Head

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    Lia In Coverland

    by  Lia.
    19 Jul 14

    Although I'm not necessarily known for my covers (or much, nowadays...), I still make them, and I'd appreciate it if sometimes...    Read more

  • Imagine


    by  Lia.
    23 Jul 14

    Would you think it was wrong if someone was born with Down Syndrome, or another from-birth illness that can affect them quite...    Read more

  • Fear


    by  Lia.
    15 Jul 14

    My sister got bullied for six years straight; her hair had been cut off by the bullies, she had become anorexic due to the...    Read more

  • Psychic


    by  Lia.
    15 Jul 14

    This is a poem, for the hidden powers competition, about someone who is psychic but cannot tell anyone. They do not know...    Read more

  • Lia.Ambass..

    I seriously think

    that my name should not be underlined red.
    I think that is basically saying I do not exist
    I am not a word
    I am not acknowledged.
    This is harsh.
    Also, a known medical condition which I have is also underlined red, so that's basically saying that doesn't exist either, when it does and there is treatment for it...
    The dictionary needs to justify my existence basically.
    How does Cambie change to Dannie? Dannie is underlined red for me xD And it doesn't go with Cambie, but meh... With autocorrect you can never tell xD
    My surname is underlined in red too... My middle name isn't though, joy :P
    Rebeqa is underlined red too.. I swear autocorrect is drunk. It's changed my name to 'liar', 'pia' (underlined red) and even 'dire'. Tell me how my name has any relevance to 'dire'... .-.
    Hey Ahlaam, welcome back :D
    Danita Cambie S. The Duck
    Try have a FRENCH last name... Yep, it gets changed SO much... Also I don't understand why Dannie, but it shows up for me.
    My surname originates from France too... In fact, the original heritage of my surname comes from people who were good friends with William the duke of Normandy, and assisted greatly with The Battle of Hastings. He then granted them land in Sussex, so they moved over to England. xD
    RDM Goldlight the slurg
    My last name is Dutch. And everyone mispronounces it.
  • Lia.Ambass..

    How is this even possible?

    I got measured today and I was shorter than last time. I know people get shorter, but usually it's when they're quite a bit older... So it's weird .-.
    ♛ Starbucks Queen ♛
    lol. I'm small too, Dad is 6"3 Brother is 6" and he is only 14!?!?!? I'm small like my mom my mom is 5"6 so...
    I'm 5"0 and 1/2. That 1/2 counts big time. Sometimes I like to think of myself as 5"1
    Im 5'4 1/2 :P
  • Lia.Ambass..


    When I had my room in the attic, and had to listen to my brother yelling, that was so much better than being in this room. My parents told me I wouldn't be able to hear my brother-- I can still hear him very well, and they didn't mention that the next door neighbour has her TV on so loud that I can hear it. I haven't been able to sleep for nights. Also, my mum just thinks she can barge into my room whenever she wants. Sometimes I happen to leave my computer open on a word document which happens to be a very embarrassing story/poem which I don't want anybody to read, and she just wanders in on my privacy! She doesn't even have very good reasons to be here. Her reasons for being in my room are literally hardly anything; her last reason was to criticize me, and that was it. I have very personal stuff that maybe I don't want her to walk in on! I just hate this new room so much...
    Danita Cambie S. The Duck
    Tell your family how you feel. They will understand. You could try going over to your neighbor's house and politely telling them about the TV issue. Then, ask if they could turn the volume down.
    Get some earplugs
    Thank you, but I'm too cowardly to do the first few options, so I'll probably try and see if I can get something for my ears, and I'll try and like.. idk, create a lock?... xD
  • Lia.Ambass..


    I just got my progress report for this year. I achieved at least a C in everything, and in fact beat my original end-of-year target in maths (not sure how but yay) :P :3 :D
    WELL DONE! <3
    THANK YOU! <3
  • Lia.Ambass..

    Some useful knowledge

    Carrots were originally purple and yellow, before the 900s in Afghanistan, then they became purple, red and yellow during the 900s, in Iran/Northern Arabia, then in the 1000s they remained purple, red and yellow, in Syria and North Africa. In the 1100s, in Spain, they became purple and yellow again- no red, but then in the 1200s, in Italy and China, they became purple and red. In the 1300s, in France, Germany and The Netherlands, they became red, yellow, and the newly-added white. In the 1400s, in England, they were red and white. In the 1500s, in Northern Europe, they were yellow, red and they were also orange. In the 1600s, in Japan, they were purple and yellow. Also in the 1600s, in Northern America, they were orange and white. Then, in the 1700s, in Japan, they were orange and red.

    Some useful knowledge about carrots.
    E.W. Hemmings
    Are carrots secretly chameleons in disguise? xD
    How fascinating.
    A Chemical Reaction
    @[Chloe_123_x] nice sarcasm
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