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I'm a writer, self-proclaimed nerd and a romantic obsessed with all forms of love. Writing, anime, manga and games are my passions. I might be a bit odd, but the best people are. ;) I aspire to spread all forms of love, one word at a time.

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  • Literary Scribe Tanique
    This is a great start! It sets up the beginning of the story in a way that I already want to know more about the characters and what role they will play in the story. I like the detail of the setting and world building so far as well. You were able to tell us a lot from such a short chapter, which is impressive. The only tip I might offer at this time is to be careful of spelling and grammar. You're missing a few words in some sentences, which makes them just a tad confusing. Otherwise, keep up the great work and keep writing no matter what!
    Promise in the Flame
    Promise in the Fla...
    When 27 year old Bruce gets an instant message from his high school flame that he has not spoken to in 11 years , things start to really get interesting in the small Pennsylvania town. Things from both...
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