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My name is Tanique Adams and I'm an aspiring Medical Science and Creative Fiction Writer. I have a BS in Neuroscience and Spanish and I've also spent 2 years in medical school. I thought I wanted to be a doctor, but I found myself quickly getting burned out, ultimately causing me to have to leave medical school. It was disappointing of course, to have spent six years of my life pursuing this path, just to stumble, but I've come to realize that this pursuit was a necessary stop on my journey to finding a new path in a world I've always known, that is writing, which I've neglected for far too long. Of course, my interest in science and medicine isn't gone, it's just that now I intend to find a career in which I can enjoy both that and writing.

Something else you should know about me is that I’m an avid romantic, so most of my stories regardless of the genre, will have romance, be it heterosexual or same-sex. As a Panromantic Heterosexual, I just love all forms of love! Therefore, I’m also an LGBT advocate and so I wish to create LGBT friendly content that both the community and everyone else can enjoy. I want to break down the stigma that there is anything wrong with having a different orientation or gender identity in a very natural and supportive way that isn’t threatening to those who may not be advocates, but still offers comfort to those who are or are directly a part of the community. I aspire to spread all forms of love, one word at a time.

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    This is a great start! It sets up the beginning of the story in a way that I already want to know more about the characters and what role they will play in the story. I like the detail of the setting and world building so far as well. You were able to tell us a lot from such a short chapter, which is impressive. The only tip I might offer at this time is to be careful of spelling and grammar. You're missing a few words in some sentences, which makes them just a tad confusing. Otherwise, keep up the great work and keep writing no matter what!
    Promise in the Flame
    Promise in the Fla...
    When 27 year old Bruce gets an instant message from his high school flame that he has not spoken to in 11 years , things start to really get interesting in the small Pennsylvania town. Things from both...
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    mumbled "I'm back with a new story!"

    Hello everyone, I'm back! I've brought a brand new story with me.  This story continues in the Science Fiction genre, as my previous work did, but this looks at an entirely different aspect and focuses much more on interpersonal connections and world building, over straight romance. This is why I have not tagged it specifically as girls love, boys love or otherwise. It's a romance, but only secondary to the Sci-Fi aspect and the romance is also more broad. I really want to push the point that love has no gender, it just is and can be between anyone who's fortunate enough to experience it. So rather than me go on telling you about it, why not see for yourself by reading the first chapter, that is now up on Movellas. I hope you will enjoy this new story, which I am happy to say has already received a favorable review within just two hours of having posted this chapter. It really made my morning. Thanks everyone and I hope you all are doing well.
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