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i am a young kickboxer...dont mess with me.
Your beautiful just the way you are!!!!
Dont change the way you are just cause everyone else is the same, Being different is a GOOD thing...embrace your uniqueness
Be daring. Be crazy. Be yourself please!!!!!!!!!!

Rest in peace Grandmother Lita Redhorn!!!!!
Dani and Lizzy - Dancing in the Sky

  • Lionfang Redhorn

    mumbled "life..."

    life is hard to deal with at the moment. I am missing my grandmother....I miss her so much. I'm trying so hard not to cry at the moment. i hope she is resting. I hope she's dancing in the sky. This song played at her funeral last tuesday.
    Dani and Lizzy - Dancing in the Sky
    Tuesday i didn't go to school because of the funeral. but when i came back i tried my hardest to be happy. I told people that my father was in the hospital. but it wasn't true. Yes, I lied to them so i wouldn't get pity. I hate pity. Rest in Peace Grandmother Lita Redhorn.... May the great spirits Forever Guide You In The After Life.

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