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  • Lindseycoma
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    Hiya! I don't know if you chose someone to be liams girlfriend so if you didn't I was wondering if I could.. I have dyed light blonde hair, I'm pretty tall. I have grey eyes my names Lindsey ..
    kidnapped by one direction !
    kidnapped by one...
    sophie got kidnapped by one direction , the band that she loves whats gonna happen with her ???
  • Lindseycoma
    5 years agoReply
    My name is Lindsey and I would like to be with Niall I have dyed blonde hair and I'm pretty tall. I love photography and music. Could you make a story involving self harm please honestly you can do whatever you would like with the story, thank you so much!
    One direction imagines <3
    One direction imag...
    Hey everyone comment below the situation you want to be in with the boy of your choice and remember it makes it easier for me to do when you give me settings, your name, characteristics of yourself etc....
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