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Hey guys, It's me, Limited Wonders. I've changed a bit since you've last seen me but I'll always be me. I play soccer, basketball, and I run cross country as well as track. I love classic rock music, not grunge. I'm in two bands, one is my older brother's band and the other one is the band I started. I'm LDS(Mormon). I look forward to being on here again. :)

My favorite musicians:

twenty øne piløts
Linkin Park
Imagine Dragons

My favorite artists:

James C Christensen
Steve Ditko
John Romita
Arnold Friberg
Walter Rane

Favorite Colleges:

(Brigham Young University)
(Souther Virginia University)

Favorite sports:

Cross Country
Track and Field

Favorite thing to eat:


Favorite Instrument:


Favorite type of writing:

realistic fiction
historical fiction

Favorite things to do:

hang out with my friend
listening to music
making/performing music

Favorite Authors:

Jules Verne
Orson Scott Card
Brandon Sanderson
Edgar Allan Poe
Erin Hunter
Brandon Mull
John Flanagan

Favorite Books/Series:

The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica
The Ender Quartet
Peter Pan
Peter Pan in Scarlet
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Time Machine
The Wrath of Darth Maul

When YOU CARRY A BIBLE, The Devil gets a Headache. When YOU OPEN it, He collapses. When He see’s YOU READING it, He faints. When He see’s YOU LIVING it, He flees. You should see what he does when you study the Book of Mormon. When you’re about to Re-post this, He will try to discourage you. I just defeated Him. Copy & Paste if you’re in God’s Army

I am disappearing
Inside my bird's eye theories
I try to say goodbye, defy and deny
What it is I'm fearing
Clearly I am dying, dearly I am writing
Merely testifying, that the test to fly requires I
Pass the test with colors flying
I don't believe you most the time
I'm lying 'cause I say I am fine
You are the pearl, I am the swine
So break my life and take this rhyme
I'm so sorry but I do believe
That all my bridges, I have burned
And I've earned a policy of no return
So be concerned

-Be Concerned-
-twenty one pilots-

Dear friend, here we are again pretending
To understand how you think your world is ending
Sending signals and red flags in waves
It's hard to tell the difference between blood and water these days
I'll pray that one day you see
The only difference between life and dying
Is one is trying, that's all we're called to do
So try to love me and I'll try to save you.

-twenty one pilots-

I wanna fall inside your ghost
And fill up every hole inside my mind
And I want everyone to know
That I am half a soul

Sometimes we will die and sometimes we will fly away
Either way you're by my side until my dying days
And if I'm not there and I'm far away
I said: "Don't be afraid."
I said: "Don't be afraid."
We're going home.

-Taxi Cab-
-twenty one pilots-

That bully you just confronted aggressively,
he has never had friends and
doesn’t have responsible parents.
That kid you look at weird
because he doesn’t curse,
He’s already having enough trouble
upholding his standards.
That kid you think is a jerk
because he doesn’t support gays,
He stands for what he believes in
And holds strong through the pressure.
That kid you don’t talk to
because he believes in god,
He studies his scriptures every night
and knows their true.
Why on earth is this world so messed up?
There are a lot of things
that people aren’t getting.
It doesn’t matter what race, gender,
belief, or anything you are!
You are still a person!
When you meet someone,
you shouldn’t think,
¨Oh he’s white¨
¨Oh he's mexican¨
¨Oh he’s a guy¨
¨Oh she's a girl¨
¨Oh they don't wear nice shoes¨
¨Oh he’s Mormon¨
I don’t even comprehend
how people can argue
For equality while separating
everyone up into categories
I’m not going to try and pressure
you into copy and pasting this,
Because being passive
aggressive is not cool.
I know you’ll copy and paste this if you
Believe me and want to post it.
I hope people will learn from this,
So they can see a lot of the real problems
Going on right now.

-Originally Posted by Limited.Wonders-

If anyone wants to talk, get advice, or anything, whether it be writing or just life in general, you can always talk to me. I'll be on here most days, thanks for reading all the way to the bottom of my random profile stuff. See you guys soon!

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