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❥ Lily ❥

☀ Nialls bae☀

⏎ ⏎ omg nialls so cute*distracted* ❥

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that background doe ➪➪➪➪

��<3 i love ya<3 p.s. Bye ☻ ☻

  • SaltyPotatoes
    they are brother and sister though
    They Have A Sister?
    They Have A Sister...
    This is the story of Midnight
    4 years ago
    Well actually no they aren't she was just found mutated and the brought her in like family so...they just treat her like a sister
  • SaltyPotatoes

    mumbled "My new face xDD"

    I think you guys noticed but I changed my profile picture to baby Niall and it is quite. Adorable!��just needs lipgloss ��
    noora here
    4 years ago
    lol u is funny and I'm left behind u

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    Weird Dream I had.
    Weird Dream I had.
    Angela is a homeless who lives on a harbor. But then she meets a boy named Calem another homeless kid, and they both fall in love. Suddenly a girl name Serena sends Calem off in a raft.Now Angela is still...

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