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Hello, My name is Lilith~Garnette. (not in irl) I am 13 years of age and is a new writer on here. Please help me out with your opinions and suggestions about my writting.( BTW for all of you that has or have seen my description before, my sis pranked me....i know, sorry for that.) Anywhom, please enjoy the writting! <3 Ill try to be better with my spelling and error's!

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    Hey btw guys I had forgotten to put Adam as Skydoesminecraft sorry for my mistake, it was supposed to be a fanfiction about him if you hadn't known! Well please leave your thoughts and feelings on what your opinion was about this!
    The Rose of  Survival
    The Rose of Survi...
    Adam is around the age of 14 when his life becomes stressful. All he wants is to ease the storm, meanwhile another younge boy about the same age is also struggling for the this so called " Amusement "...
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