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    Why, hello there, people of Movellas. I'm new here, and I would really like to get to know some of you amazing writers! I have an idea for my first story, which will be a fantasy. I am also thinking of writing some fan-fictions, for the fandoms of:
    Harry Potter
    Percy Jackson
    Heroes of Olympus
    The Hunger Games
    The Fault In Our Stars
    The Maze Runner
    Or The Selection.

    Possibly also Lord of the Rings, but I don't know, as I've tried that before and, well, it didn't really work. I doubt any of my stuff will be classified necessarily as good, as I've read some stuff, and there is so many amazing movellas, I know this is for awesome writers! Anyway, so yeah!

    Hope to see you soon!

    3 years ago
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    Totally! Love TFIOS! And thanks for the offer.
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