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  • Liana Edward
    name: Liana Edward
    hair: brunette
    eyes: blue
    personnality: brave, smart, cute (lol)
    house: Gryffindor
    Nickname: Lili
    with Draco Malfoy please
    Harry Potter Imagines
    Harry Potter Imagi...
    This is a book where i will be doing imagines in the world of harry potter (I do not own harry potter, J.K Rowling dose, but i an using it), and I will be writing them with my 2 buddies, Jennifer, and...
  • Liana Edward
    Liana Edward
    Blue eyes and brunette hair
    owl name Amlich
    twin name Kyle and twin brothers name James and Joe
    Cute, smart, brave, a bit short
    Phoenix feather, 10 inches,
    friends, Joey Graceffa, Kalel Cullen, Anthony Padilla
    Gryffindor :)
    Receiving your letter
    Receiving your let...
    Good luck...
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