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Talented and knows how to make people laugh and brighten their day ! Yup that's me...! :)

  • dieing for relief
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    Going to still be writing but not able to update soon cause I don't have wifi anymore but ill do it when I can thanks for reading and I'm no where close to being finished with this book so stay intrested
    People will save you
    People will save...
    Sometimes when all you want to do is end your life and all of the sudden that one special person comes and flips your world around.......
  • dieing for relief
    keep updating please love ya ash ;)
    Something Borrwed, Something Used.
    Something Borrwed,...
    ashlee is a young girl who is best friends with Zayn Malik. her boyfriend Zach is very abusive so ashlee decides to break it off. she is getting a ride fro zayn when she kisses thing leads to another...
    5 years ago
    i will and no you dont stop lying i love you toooooo <3
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