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  • LiamPaynesPrincess
    Haha this is such a fail!!!!
    Meant For Me (Liam Payne Fanfic)
    Meant For Me (Liam...
    Ruby and Liam used to be best friends. After he became part of One Direction,it seems like he forgot about her. Danielle (Liam girlfriend) breaks up with him before he leaves on his vacation and he goes...
  • LiamPaynesPrincess
    My name is Jenna my best friends name is Lexi I have brown hair and green eyes this is SO Weird!
    Story of my love
    Story of my love
    Can what was supposed to be a one night stand really change a persons life forever? It does for Jenna. Jenna met a boy at the club, but if only she new that that boy, was there to change her life. To cheer...
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