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I love One Direction but I love Liam just a little bit more than the rest

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    mumbled "He Loves Me He Loves Me Not "

    I walked into the house and there was Harry naked. He was running aroun screaming "Where is my sway cat?". It was the weirdest thing I every saw. After he ran upstairs because he saw me I went up to Liam's room. Oh Liam's room was my favorite room in this house (all the boys were harin a house) it smelled just like him. It smelled like flowers and beauty and lavender. Unlike the other boys his room was clean. That's why I loved him.

    That's why I was there for to tel him I loved him. How was he going to take it was he going to feel the same way was he going to love me back. So I knocked in the door there was no response. He always was in his room, he always answers the door. Should I knock again, so I did and this time there was a reaponse but it wasnt the response I thought I was going to here. I heard a giant bang what if he was getting beat up what if he was hurting himslelf.....

    So I walked in the room and said "Dont worry Liam I wil....",

    There was Liam and he was fine. He was kissing another girl right when I thought I was going to tell him I loved him he was kissing another girl with him just wearing his underpants and her just wearing a bra and a thong. I mean he was aloud to date it wasn't like we were goin out she was pretty I guess but I just thought that he would stoop to this level. I have never...ever...ever seen this girl he is kissing someone half naked and he doesn't even know her and I don't even know her.

    So of course they both heard me she was wiping her lips because she had just stopped kissing him. She ran over to the bed and grabbed Liam's robe. Liam just took a sheet and said "Hey Katie. What's up, do you need to tell me something and of it isn't that important can you maybe wait down stairs for a second and I will meet you down there."

    I was speechless litterly I was trying to say things but my mouth was just wide open and my eyes axactly on Liam. Finally the words came out.

    " Um, Oh Yae. Well I was just stopping by I will come bak later." I was closin the door and I saw Liam walkin back over to her and I saw her taking the robe of an him drop the sheet. I remembered what I really came here for it wasn't for just telling Liam that I loved him it was to tell him about practice so they were about to kiss and the door was about to close, so them I walked back in quickly and said right before hey were about to kiss. "Oh Liam practice it canceled today we are having two tomorrow."

    He obviously was an ours and all be said was "Okay if I have any trouble I will call you."

    In return I said "Okay. Bye."

    After that I ran out of the house crying I bumped into Zayn on my way out usually I would tell him everything about Liam. I mean he is my brother but I just ran passed him he ran after me but I got in my car first and went but he wasn't stopping unroll he got and answer. He got I to the car behind me and started following me. I went all the way home. He still followed.

    To be continued........

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