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Hi, I'm here as part of a project for school, for reviewing!

Hope to read you work soon!

  • Lia Brocker
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    Okay, I hope you don't mond, but I'm doing this review instead of Christine, as we are both focusing on reviews for the project.

    Okay, so, you seem to have a very original idea going here, which I like.

    The blurb, in my opinion, is great, as is the cover.

    Some mentionable errors are that you often miss out apostrophes, so I would considering revising those.

    Remember: Apostrophes can be used for two things.

    The first is to show possession eg. Emma's handbag, Jonathan's eyes.

    The second is for when you are using one word instead of two, such as can't = cannot

    don't = do not


    Plurals, though they do have an 'a' at the end, like possession, do not require an apostrophe.

    That is really all I can fault, so good work!

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