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I'm LexieOfficial.
My best friend is Claire14. She's absolutely amazing.
I love writing, reading, and even singing.
I'm a fan of One Direction and I love music!

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    Oh just go to the toolbar at the top and edit your profile. You can add a picture from there. Ya it took me an hour to retype it.
    Seven X
    Seven X
    Aria and Rom have been best friends since the eight grade. But what happens when the death of Aria's family, and her little brother, Andy, their best friend, takes a toll on them both? Will it bring them...
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    mumbled "Movella Requests"

    Hey guys, it's Lexie. So I was thinking about writing more stories, but I'm kind of stuck. I wanna know what you guys like. I wanna know what you guys would like me to write for you, so just comment below to let me know if you want me to write a story for you, and I always give them a serious twist or two. That's always fun, and I think it's the best part of my writing.
    I absolutely love writing, but I was thinking, how cool would it be for me to write something based totally off someone else's idea. So if you guys have any suggestions or requests, if you guys would like me to co-write a book with you, just let me know.
    Thanks guys, I love you. Keep reading, there's more to come.
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