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  • Lexi_Dolan<3
    niall I have brown hair and eyes I like food and I am very energetic when it comes to my friends
    My Brothers Best Friend
    My Brothers Best...
    Dallas Tomplision.. Louis from One directions sister goes on tour with the Boys.. She falls in love with Liam and Dallas does to ..
    5 years ago
    Kk.. Your Nialls girl.. :)
  • Lexi_Dolan<3
    I am Alexis I have long dark brown hair and eyes I wear glasses. I am a very talkative person and I am very bubbly. My favorite 1D boy is Niall Horan. I should pick me because I love to write and I am a massive Niall Horan fan
    5 Secrets 1 Choice
    5 Secrets 1 Choice
    Claire is dating Zayn Malik. They're madly in love. But she has dirty little secret. She is dating all of them. She must choose who she wants to date. Will she stick with Zayn or go with someone else?
  • Lexi_Dolan<3
    Alexis I want to date niall and I have brown hair and eyes
    Adopted by who
    Adopted by who
    I am a crazy person who is adopted by who other than Jay. and her son is in a band see what happens
  • Lexi_Dolan<3
    Name: Lexi Ordeneaux Nick name: Lulu Lexi Lu Age:13 but u may change my age Personality: I am a little shy I love to be crazy around my friends and I also am talkative Boy: Niall Horan he is a babe
    Summer Camp
    Summer Camp
    Kenzie goes to a singing/acting Summer Camp where celebrities are their counselors/mentors. When she gets Zayn Malik as a mentor, will they fall for each other? And will someone try to tear them apart?
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