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firstly, i'm not french. i'm australian to be exact. my best friend is my cat beanie and i barely eat anything if it's not nachos.
to be honest, i'm barely ever online and when i am, i'm either reading or editing/writing a new chapter so please, don't get your hopes up that i'm going to be one of those, every day at 6:00pm i update kind of people. 'cause i don't. i update when i can and sometimes when people request it, again, if i can.

one direction are life, as well as five seconds of summer and the vamps. i have an obsession with the walking dead, teen wolf, doctor who and supernatural, if you like them- congratulations your my new best friend {gives you an internet hi-five.} we can eat ice cream together while making sand castles, woo!

i thank a lot of you for being amazing people for no reason what-so-ever and being lovely to heaps of people because you can.

love you

  • lexaay__
    4 years agoReply
    Liam, Danielle, Taylor, Louis, Eleanor, the twins, Harry, Melissa, Zayn, Perrie, Hunter, Phoebe, Lizbeth, Paul and Preston. omg, so many names. but, it's a great story! :)
    The Story Of My LiFE
    The Story Of My...
    The Story Of My Life ia about a person named Phoebe, who has moved to Brittanfrom austraila because hr mum passed away two day's after her 16th birthday. Phoebe isn't happy about moving until she reilses...
  • lexaay__
    4 years agoReply
    As much as i want to read it, I can't. I really don't feel comfortable reading about deaths and suicides. but, I'm sure it's a good book x
    99 days without you (*Completed*)
    99 days without...
    *This is not my story this amazing person on wattpad made this story. Her name is Edward Sheeran. I thought I would put it up here for all of you to read* Louis loses Harry. Louis feels as if he can't...
    4 years ago
    oh thats okay it really isnt all that bad but i dont want to be pushy so thats your choice thanks anyway :D xox
  • lexaay__
    4 years agoReply
    omgg, update! like seriously! it's soo good :)
    I Won't Give Up
    I Won't Give Up
    Brooklyn has had a tough past. Both her parents died in a car crash and her sister has become a famous model and forgotten about her. Her life is basically going nowhere. She meets Harry Styles on the...
  • lexaay__
    4 years agoReply
    omgg, it's so good and It's only the first chapter! I told you I'd love it! You're such a great writer! You should've began writing ages ago! x Update! It's amazing! <3
    They Dont Know About Us
    They Dont Know Abo...
    Alexandra Jane Miller, or Alex for short, is your normal 18 year old person living in Doncaster, England. Her best friend is well the famous Louis Tomlinson. They've known each other for years and nothing...
    4 years ago
    aww thank you so much i'll try and update soon i wanted to start writing ages ago but i didnt know where to start but now i have :D xox
  • lexaay__
    4 years agoReply
    omg,i'm crying. I can't believe you actually made me cry, I barely ever cry. This is an amazing story!
    Separated at birth
    Separated at birth
    Harry looked at me with intensity in his eyes, “I don’t know why you’re here, or who you are. I don’t know if you’re telling me the truth, or if it’s a pack of lies. But I do know for the first time in...
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