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    mumbled "I'm deleting my fanfic "Losing Forever""

    Hey readers I just wanna say I dont get any feedback from you guys so I'm gonna delete my fanfic soon. Just wanted to let you know. Sorry for the ones who actually enjoyed it! Thanks so much to all of you readers. I hope you find better fanfics than mine! Sorry again!
    5 years ago
    I don't know you, nor have I read your movella, but I implore you not to delete it based on the amount of feedback you get. The quality of your work, nor of anything, is not based on how others view it. Keep it up there, ask for more feedback, and people will give it. Lately, I've just not wanted feedback or really cared about comments, as in the long run, you don't need them. Not to say that they aren't useful, but your movella can still be amazing without being the most popular. I shall go give feedback on it though, as I hate it when people delete their movellas :)
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    Update!! I love this!!
    This Game We Play Called Love
    This Game We Play...
    Jamie is close to finishing her last year of high school she is dating a very famous youtuber and is one herself she also has what most people would say an unhealthy addiction with video games. She is...
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    Update!! Please!!
    Anonymous MineCraft
    Anonymous MineCraf...
    (PewDiePie FanFic(If you don't know who he is you seriously need to be on YouTube more!)) My name is Jane Valleral.I'm a geek and a minecraft player. I've had the awesomest best friend on minecraft that...
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    Where have you been? - One Direction ♋
    Where have you bee...
    If you met Harriet two years ago, you'd meet a girl that was happily in love with the young Zayn Malik, who was just as happy and returned the love. But now two years after, Harriet is a single mom, with...
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    This was really good!
    Friends Reunited *FINISHED*
    Friends Reunited...
    Danni was best friends with Zayn before the X Factor when she was being abused. Now, she wants to meet him again. When she does, will he remember her? What happens when her ex turns up, out of the blue?...
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