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Science is what keeps us alive,
But art is what makes it all worth while
So why not combine the two?
Welcome to my profile...
Stick around for a moment
And enjoy what my imagination has to give
I can take you to mars
Or the mysteries of time I can make you relive
All while you read the words upon the lines
That I lace together into the next ballad of rhymes

  • Noctua
    9 months agoReply
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    Perhaps I miss understood the deadline beforehand, and the realization is freaking me out. It is November 5th now and I just submitted. Will it still be counted? Hopefully I'm not too late?
  • Noctua
    10 months agoReply
    So we are limited to five chapters then? Is there a specific word count we should obey?
    Katie Pharoah
    10 months ago
    I know Sony likes to have stories 30,000 words or below but I'm not sure what this competition requires, @[Skye S]
    the force of storms
    Personally, I think you just need to submit the first few chapters of the story so Sony can get an idea of the story without having to read the entirety of it. If they like your chapters, they could request for the entire story
    But it'll be best to check with @[Skye S]
    Skye S
    9 months ago
    @[the force of storms] is right, we'd like to see the first few chapters, but if you haven't written it yet and rather have a good idea for a story, we're open to that too, so there's no specific word minimum or maximum in this one @[LettuceGreen]. I hope that helps!
  • Noctua
    10 months agoReply
    I'll have to say I'm a non-believer. Mainly because there is no real evidence. Its the way I look at all things in the world, something with strong evidence on its side will be real, and something with stories and legends as its evidence will be make-belief. Its a hard truth, but it is better to live in the real world than living in one that is fabricated with reassuring stories and faiths. Reincarnation being one of them. It would be nice to know that your soul will travel on after death, but in reality, how can one know that for sure? Perhaps new groundbreaking evidence will be found one day, its always a possibility, but until then, YOLO ;)
    10 months ago
    But also to mention that it is a great element to add into stories. The idea is still fun to think about and play with a bit in writing.
  • Noctua
    11 months agoReply
    This honestly sounds like a great idea. Unfortunately I think I'll be too busy to write one, but I'll have fun reading the entries :D
  • Noctua
    1 years agoReply
    With all this mention of Hamilton, I'd assume legendary musicals are counted. So, A Very Potter musical...?
    1 years ago
    And now to be more specific, if it is even necessary at this point seeing all the votes, Harry Potter has to be chosen. Because who hasn't heard the term, "You can never go wrong with Harry Potter." ??
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