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Don't underestimate the allure of darkness. Even the purest hearts are drawn to it.
If I had to describe myself with one word that would probably be..."weird". No matter how cliche this may sound it is just the truth.

I'm more of the kind of person who pretends that he is not affected at all by what other people think f him, but these words often hurt too much.

Now enough with being emotional and deep! Back to the stuff that interest no one.

10 awfully boring facts about...moi:

1) I'm addicted to the Vampire Diaries (I ship Stelena and Klaroline)
2) I just have too many celebrity crushes xD
3) If I had to choose between chocolate and pie, I'd choose chocolate pie
4) I'm a total nerd/bookworm/dork
5) I don't remember half the accounts I've created online
6) I laughed when my mom put me as an example to my sister
7) There's no greater pleasure than after midnight snacks!
8) I like to think myself as an open-minded person in a society full of stereotypes and cliches
9) Sometimes I lie for no reason
10) I'm a good girl that hasn't been caught yet

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