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My ❤️ List

1. Anime

2. Chips.

3. My hopes and dreams (note my sarcasm)

4. Cheesy T-Shirts

5. Mystic Messenger

Me : Annoying small town teen, thinks she's a Queen. Just sitting on her imaginary throne, desires a King. Follow me, and pledge to become one of my loyal subjects then maybe when I do take over the world I'll show you mercy and spare your life. If not, then your disloyalty shall atone with your immediate death.

I've been saying that Anime was dumb my whole life.

Started watching Anime for the first time 8/15/16 ❤️

Watch as the list grows....

1. Attack On Titan

2. Black Butler

3. Black Butler : Book Of Circus

4. Blue Exorcist

5. Death Note

6. Fairy Tale

7. Fate/Zero (currently watching)

8. Ouran High School Host Club

9. Red Data Girl (hated it)

10. Sword Art Online

11. Sword Art Online II

12. Tokyo Ghoul (love)

I'm married to lots of men which I'm pretty sure is illegal, but idgaf.

Engaged To :

Luciel Choi AKA: 707 (MysticMessenger)

Levi Ackerman (Attack On Titan)

Ciel Phantomhive (Black Butler)

Dylan O'Brien AKA: Daddy O'Brien (Teen Wolf YASSS)

If you follow me then I'll follow you back as long as you're not a noob. (I will check) But either way follow me because I'm not a noob. I think...

World Domination *laughs evilly*

I had to proof read this bio about seven times, but that's just our little secret, okay?

Admit it.

You love my bio.

Get Lost. ✌️

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