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I'm a 14 year old girl who loves to write. I've wanted to be a writer since the beginning of last year, and have been striving to do better. I'm pretty good at spelling (though I do get some of the words wrong from time to time) and I really am good a wording and all of that stuff. I'm working on a story right now and as soon as I finish the first chapter I'll get it posted here ASAP.

  • lemonadefreak
    Oh my gosh! This is amazing! I can't wait for chapter 2. Love it, nice work, awesome beginning. Peace Out
    Cat's Eye
    Cat's Eye
    There has always been something different and unusual about Miranda Wilkson. Her mother went missing when she was young and her father became a drunk. She doesn't have many friends, and prefers sweatshirts...
    7 years ago
    why thank you! <3
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