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I love One Direction loads. I have been there from the start for them, I am totally in love with them.
I like to think I am Irelands #1 fan, because I liked them before all my friends had even heard of them :P

I love to sing, I am not the best but not the worst. I sound full of my self but i am really insicure, just a little cocky to hide it all. <3

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    Pleaaaaaaseeeee Upload <3 I lurve this :)
    My Dream *One Direction FanFic*
    My Dream *One Dire...
    When the seventeen year old girl, Doireann O'Connell gets kicked out of her home in Dublin, Ireland, she sleeps in a shop porch, and carries on with life. But what wil happen when she is hospitalised?
    awwww thanks hun! :') <3
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    Your welcome love xD NOW UPLOAD XD <3 hehehe :)
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