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    Alti Meter Group International Research: Research

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    Source: altimetergroup.com/research

    Research is at the center of what we do at Altimeter — read our published Research Reports. We focus our research on how disruptive trends can be used by organizations. The research we conduct results in a variety of outputs, ranging from formal reports and books to presentations and webinars.

    But we do more than just follow a rigorous research process — we also believe in Open Research, which allows us to release reports under Creative Commons. This means that you can use it in your planning, presentations, and blog posts. You can download the reports and presentations directly from SlideShare.

    Open Research also means that we are transparent in our research process. We disclose who we spoke with during our report research phase, as well as how we collected the data. We also disclose who we do business with to the extent we are allowed within each client relationship. At the core, we have a strong sense of integrity, and we strive to be objective in our analysis. The editing process our reports go through helps ensure we are being as objective as possible.

    Under no circumstances will we accept payment to write a favorable review of a product. We engage in commissioned research and provide citations only if we can ensure that our objectivity is not only practiced but also perceived.

    If you would like to brief an Altimeter analyst about your company, please visit our Briefings page to find out more about our current research streams and also how to submit a briefing request. In line with our values, you do not need to be a client to secure a briefing. Requests are considered solely on their merit, but acceptance is subject to analyst interest and availability.
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