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So... I'm just a girl with a wild imagination. Well, at least that's what my friends say.
I'm a huge Directioner-Swiftie-Brat!
Cher Lloyd followed me on twitter on my birthday, July 10, 2012.

All my stories are Copyrighted under the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines, officially known as Republic Act No. 8293.

So no copying unless you want to go to jail.

If you see anyone's stories that are almost or are EXACTLY like mine, please tell me and I will review it :)

I have daydreams at night, and I have absolutely no idea why,
Most of the daydreams are about me meeting stars, or someday becoming famous and having millions of fans,

I'm a singer. I love to sing and people tell me I'm good at it but sometimes I don't believe them. Hopefully, while I'm still young, I can fulfill my dreams of becoming a famous singer, even if it means homeschooling or not going to school at all. After all, YOLO.

I love everyone who's kind to me. Mess with me and bad things can happen. Correct that, mess with me and bad things will happen. All of my friends and schoolmates know that.

I'm part of the cheerdance team at school, and even though I used to NOT dance last year and before, I absolutely love dancing now, even if it makes me really tired and I can't feel my feet afterwards, I still love it.

So now, singing, dancing and writing are ALL my passions.

I love you all, all my readers and fans. Thank you for being my fans and reading my books. I love you.

Also follow me on twitter,@LaurenSason and my 1D account@tomlinspenders :)))))

I'm 12 so don't judge me. Everybody says I'm both way too mature and way too childish (crazy) for my age.

And that's me with my leopard Hello Kitty glasses, I also have black ones :)

Lauren Sason <3 :))

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    Ah! I loved it! But please, slow down a bit? Thanks! Oh yeah, and if you have time, read my fan fic named Fate (One Direction Fan Fiction)? Thanks so much! :)) xx -Lauren((:
    Should've Kissed You
    Should've Kissed...
    A Short Story When Louis come across a girl, they go on a date. But then it's like she disappears altogether. What Happened?
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