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    Elliott Hansen Associates Lake Sunapee Accomodations, Dining, & Activities

    Elliott Hansen Associates Lake Sunapee Accomodations, Dining, & Activities
    In the Lake Sunapee Region of New Hampshire, we pride ourselves with the fact that we are in a more relaxed atmosphere which is why many find this Lake Sunapee Area a great spot to vacation and have a second home. Below we have included some helpful information on the regions natural attractions such as lakes, mountains, and hiking trails, as well as dining and shopping destinations, and available seasonal and year-round lodging.
    Lake Sunapee Boathouse There are many beautiful lakes, ponds, and rivers that provide activities ranging from boating and swimming in the summer, to ice fishing and snowmobiling in the winter. The largest body of water is Lake Sunapee, a 4,028 acre lake, right in the heart of the region. Lake Sunapee's wooded shores, clear mountain water, and birdlife provide a remarkably relaxing atmosphere.

    In the southern area of the region, there are a number of smaller lakes: Lake Massasecum (400 acres) and Lake Todd (168 acres) in Bradford and Newbury, and Lake Blaisdell (158 acres) and Kezar Lake (181 acres) both in Sutton.

    In the central area, Otter Pond (170 acres), Mountain View Lake (104 acres) and Perkins Pond (157 acres) all three in Sunapee, surround the nearby Lake Sunapee, providing a private, secluded atmopshere. Pleasant Lake (605 acres) and Little Lake Sunapee (472 acres) both in New London, provide excellent family day trips. Swimmers and sunbathers can enjoy sandy beaches with an afternon cookout (grills available) at Elkins or Bucklin Beaches. Pleasant Lake also has a nearby snack bar and ice cream stand at the Park 'n Go on Lower Elkins Loop, a brief walk from Elkins Beach.

    In the northern area, Baptist Pond and Lake Kolelemook, both beautiful 98 acre lakes in Springfield, are less populated, but just as beautiful as the other lakes in the region.
    The lakes are surrounded by mountains making it an excellent vacation area.

    View from Lot 55 Hearthstone, Newbury, NH 5.73 Acres - $105,900There is much to do all year around as we have first class skiing right in our back yard with the Mount Sunapee Resort in Newbury being the second busiest ski resort in the state and we also have Pat’s Peak in Henniker and Ragged Mountain in Danbury which both are less than 25 minutes away.

    During the warmer months, hiking advocates or nature explorers may scale Mount Kearsarge or Mount Sunapee, in addition to the many regional maintained nature trails such as Clark Lookout in New London, providing a panoramic view of Lake Sunapee, Sunapee Harbor, and Mount Sunapee. Viewers at Clark Lookout can also see into the distance to the large windmills of Lempster, the areas renewable energy resource.
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